8 Women’s Silver Cuff Watches You’ll Want

Elegant Women's Silver Cuff Watches


Women's silver cuff watches make an elegant statement. Cuff watches are easy to slip on and off, come in a wide variety of styles and are perfect for nearly any budget.

Bracelet Coil Watch


Since cuff watches resemble bracelets, you'll find styles like this coiled braceled to the left. Citizen makes a ladies watch with the coil design, or you can find coil watches through online retailers like Artfire.com.

Wide Cuff Watch with Jewels


The wide cuff watch offers a modern look that is very popular right now. You'll find examples of this style from designers like Vivani, who offers a silver-tone filligree watch at a very reasonable price. For a more elaborately jeweled option, check out Manhattan's Crystal Cuff bracelet watch available through Fingerhut.

Brushed Silver


Brushed silver cuff watches or even pewter and other metals create a sophisticated look. Calvin Klein offers a solid colored women's cuff watch in a darker metal for a look of class that can also be worn to the office.

Pretty Bracelet Watch


One of the advantages of a cuff watch is the ability to make it look like any other piece of jewelery. Small jewels, colors and metalwork create a pretty, feminine look. Check out models like the Chi Garden Eden Cuff and the Ed Hardy Niki silver floral watch.

Diamonds and Silver


The look of diamond encrusted silver adds an air of sophistication to this bracelet watch. Companies that offer silver and diamond watches include XOXO and Anne Klein.

Colored Gemstones


A silver watch that is made of more gemstones than silver can add a festive touch for an evening out on the town.

Slender Cuff Watches


Although the cuff watch style lends itself to wider bands, there are a few slimmer versions to be had. These are perfect for everyday wear and business meetings. Gucci and Guess both offer slim bangle style watches in silver.

Black and Silver Glamour


Black and silver add a real touch of glamour and make the perfect gift for almost any occasion from graduation to weddings. Still not sure which watch is right for the special lady in your life? View more pictures of women's watch gift ideas.

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8 Women’s Silver Cuff Watches You’ll Want