Watches for Different Occasions: 4 Style Tips

Pick the right watch for the occasion

With such a wide variety of watches available, sometimes it can be difficult to know which watches to wear for what occasion.

There are many different watch types in a whole range of styles and to meet a wide spectrum of budgets. Watches range from cheap watches through to very expensive watches. Many people today own more than one watch and therefore picking the right watch to wear can sometimes be a challenge.

How to Know Which Watches to Wear for What Occasion

There are no hard and fast rules that state which watch to wear with a certain outfit or for a given occasion. In years gone by, there were very definite standards and expectations that people were expected to follow. Today, the emphasis is much more on what makes people feel good and expressing individual style rather than following outdated etiquette. For instance fashion colored watches look great with casual outfits, yet can also make a great statement with formal wear.

Even with this flexibility, there are some considerations that will help you choose the right watch to wear.


When deciding which watches to wear for what occasion, it is important to consider any practicalities. A sports watch will be appropriate for outdoor wear or for wearing at occasions where there is a lot of physical activity. Sometimes these watches have additional features such as a digital compass which makes them ideal for hiking, cycling or orienteering.Bracelet watches are a very attractive watch style, however these watches might get caught or knocked and this means that they might not be a good option for sports or outdoor occasions, yet will look stunning as a dress watch.

Matching Watches to Jewelry

Some people like to match their watch and jewelry together. A rose gold men's dress watch for instance, would look stunning when matched with other rose gold jewelry, or a silver paw print bracelet watch would be an ideal accompaniment to funky silver jewelry. Some watches, such as a lady's charm bracelet watch, are lovely items of jewelry in their own right.

Changing Watch Straps For Different Occasions

Interchangeable watch bands are ideal for changing the look of a watch to match a certain occasion. A subtle watch strap is easily changed for a funky colored strap, which will give the watch an entirely different feel. This is a great way to give a single watch several new looks.

Special Occasions

Some watches are highly valuable or are of particular sentimental value and as such they are often worn only for special occasions. There are many good reasons for this. A very expensive watch, for instance, might not be appropriate for wearing when traveling as there may not be facilities for locking the watch away at night. Likewise very old or antique watches might hold lots of sentimental value and not be suitable for everyday wear.

Picking the Right Watch

A person who is happy with their choice of watch will be confident with their style. Even if the choice of watch for a particular occasion isn't conventional, that person will be making a statement and sure to draw comment. Picking the right watch is largely down to personal choice and the right watch will make the wearer feel on top of the world, regardless of the occasion.

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Watches for Different Occasions: 4 Style Tips