Christian Wedding Rings

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Christian wedding rings are a spiritually symbolic option for couples interested in beautiful rings that not only represent their connection to one another but also their connection to their faith.

Wedding Rings and Christianity

Despite the popularity of ring blessings and exchanges during Christian wedding ceremonies, there is no actual Biblical requirement than a bride and groom must exchange rings to seal their union. In fact, several Bible verses and interpretations warn against flashy jewelry as a sign of greed or vanity, both un-Christianlike values that should not be associated with something as spiritual and significant as a wedding. Nevertheless, simple wedding bands first began to be exchanged in Christian ceremonies in approximately 870 AD, centuries after the Greeks and Romans adopted the custom for their marital vows. Today, the vast majority of Christian weddings incorporate ring exchanges for both the bride and the groom, and Christian wedding rings can symbolize many aspects of these sacred rites.

Modern Symbolism

It is widely accepted that wedding rings symbolize many marital attributes, including fidelity, honor, and commitment as well as romance and love. Christian rings, in particular, also emphasize the spiritual nature of the vows by not only representing the couple's love but also the love of God for the couple and their commitment to honor Him with the sanctity of their marriage. By making these promises before God, the couple incorporates a deeper spiritual element into their union and emphasizes the role that religion and God will play in their marriage.

Designs for Christian Wedding Rings

The simplest Christian rings are plain gold or silver bands inscribed with a Bible verse or favorite religious quote that relates to love, commitment, and marriage. By choosing a simple ring, a couple may feel they are not only incorporating a deeper spiritual meaning into their rings, but they are also abiding by the simplicity advocated by the Bible.

Couples interested in more elaborate rings also have many options for beautiful Christian designs. Popular styles include:

  • Exterior engraving or carving of religious phrases and sentiments, including secular adaptations such as "What would Jesus do?".
  • Fish outlines to represent the miracles of Jesus Christ.
  • Cross designs, either as a single focal point or scattered around the band. Celtic, Romanesque, Maltese, gothic, and plain crosses are all popular.
  • Footprints circling the band of the ring.
  • Doves inscribed on the ring.
  • A crown of thorns carved into the ring.
  • Angled crosses for thinner ring bands.

Diamond wedding rings can also have Christian symbolism as the stones may make up crosses or other symbols on the ring.

Ring Blessings

Just wearing Christian wedding rings does not necessarily make the marriage vows any more spiritual than if a secular ring is used. To emphasize the religious significance of the wedding bands, many couples include a simple ring blessing as part of their wedding ceremony. To do this, the priest will bless each ring before they are exchanged, often saying a few words about what the rings represent and how they connect the couple to God as well as to each other.

Finding Christian Rings

Finding Christian wedding rings is not difficult. If a couple wishes to create a simple Christian ring by engraving a Bible verse or prayer into the ring, any plain wedding band will suffice and all jewelers carry a ready supply and have the ability to engrave them. If a couple wants a more focused Christian piece of jewelry, however, they may need to investigate specialty jewelers who regularly deal with religious symbolism and spiritual designs. Popular retailers offering a range of wedding bands with Christian symbolism include:

Christian wedding rings can be a powerful religious symbol, but couples should realize that no matter what design their rings have, the most important part of the rings' religious significance is what they represent to the couple themselves. Whether a ring is fancy or plain, if a couple commits themselves to their marriage with the tenets of Christianity, the ring will be a wonderful Christian design.

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Christian Wedding Rings