Watches: Styles and Brands for Every Taste

Watches for Different Occasions: 7 Style Tips

Watches for Different Occasions: 7 Style Tips

You want to match your watch style with certain dress codes. This is especially true when dressing for specific occasions that require either business or casual attire. Keep reading »

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Watch Collection

Today's watch is more than a timepiece. It can be a fashion statement, a status symbol, or a practical tool. Not only do watches come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but they often have additional functionality. From calendars to global positioning systems, modern watches sport a variety of technological innovations and come in a variety of price ranges.

Men's Watch Styles

There are several things to consider before purchasing a watch, including whether to plunk down serious cash for a designer watch or buy one that is basic and functional, yet not much more. Men's watches come in an array of different styles including:

  • Dress watches - This style came about at the turn of the century, replacing pocket watches for many men. Dress watches tend to be sleek, sophisticated, and classy, allowing for men to include practicality with higher-end fashion accessories.
  • Field watches - The field watch was designed for officers to aid them in coordinating attacks, tell time and keep track of everything necessary while in the line of duty. Field watches combine military flair, rugged elements, functionality, and design into one accessory.
  • Dive watches - Dive watches are water-resistant watches worn by men who encounter all elements. The Rolex Submariner set the bar high for dive watches and continues to be the go-to watch in regard to design and functionality.
  • Aviator watches - Unlike some other distinct watch styles, the Aviator watch doesn't have set elements. Aviator watches made after 1940 do tend to have the inclusion of a chronograph, further defining their style. They are typically larger in style and easy to read. The bands are generally longer than other styles, as they were originally designed to go over a flight jacket.
  • Racing watches - These watches are flashy and easy to see. They often include a chronograph and tachymeter and are made of durable metals capable of withstanding the rigors of racing.

There is truly a watch to wear for any occasion, and changing out this piece of jewelry can change the entire look and feel of an ensemble.

Women's Watch Styles

Women and men alike wear watches of all styles and brands. Over the years watch companies have fused fashion with function, making them highly sought-after pieces of jewelry. Digital watches are a current favorite style for many women because of the many useful functions that they perform. Other watch styles often worn by women everywhere are:

  • Casual watches - Watches can be worn to elevate an outfit or they can be worn for more practical purposes: enter the casual watch. Casual watches are typically understated, do their job, and have desirable functions for people on the go.
  • Fashion watches - Fashion watches and costume jewelry watches are less expensive than luxury brands and are meant to complement outfits, They can come in an array of varying materials such as beads and colorful bands that can be switched out, silver cuff watches, and sparkly bling watches.
  • Luxury watches - Luxury watches are stylish and meant to make a statement. Popular luxury brands include Cartier, Rolex, and other pricey and elegant brands like Chopard, Breitling Galactic, and Tag Heuer.

Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are a specific style of watch that was once extremely popular but eventually fell from favor. While pocket watches are worn less frequently now, some people continue to sport the timeless pieces, appreciating their historical relevance and classic design. There are several ways to wear a pocket watch, including in necklace form for ladies, and the faces and chains of this watch style vary. This style of watch can vary greatly in value, and knowing how to determine value is key for many owners.

Antique Watches

Watches have been around for a long time, and if they have existed for longer than one hundred years, they are considered antiques. Antique bracelet watches are interesting and stylish, while other vintage watch brands like Hamilton watches, Vintage Oris watches, and the brands Benrus and Omega, tend to catch people's eye. When determining the value of an antique watch, owners may want to turn to knowledgeable jewelers or an antique appraiser.

Considerations in Choosing a Watch Style

Before deciding which watch makes the final cut, a person will need to consider a few key factors. Choosing a watch often depends first on price. Some buyers will be able to spring for obscenely expensive looks, while others will need to stay in a relatively low price range. Watch-wearers will also want to consider the function of the watch, as different styles are used for different things, as well as key features of specific watches. With so many styles, designs, and brands of watches on today's market, there is no doubt a watch for everyone.

Watches: Styles and Brands for Every Taste