Digital Watches for Women: 4 Functional & Stylish Brands

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Whether you are looking for a digital watch with GPS tracking, an alarm or one that can keep track of your daily workouts, there are many options to consider. Digital watches not only perform well but you can also find styles that are as stylish as they are functional.

Stylish Digital Watch Options

Women of all ages can enjoy wearing a watch with a digital reading. Unlike digital watches of the past, the latest models do much more than telling the time. Some popular and attractive digital watches for women include:

Nike Sports Watch

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS With Sensor

The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS With Sensor is powered by TomTom GPS. It can track your location, pace and running time. The Sportwatch can store your running information, monitor calories being burned during workouts and keep track of your heart rate by adding a wearable transmitter. This watch also can be set with reminders to run. The Sportwatch GPS comes with a one-year limited warranty is priced around $170. It is available in colors choices of white/silver and black/dark gray.

Kenneth Cole watch

Kenneth Cole Touch Screen Collection

The Kenneth Cole Touch Screen Collection features Digi-Touch technology allowing the user to touch the watch screen to get the information they want. One stylish watch perfect for women in this collection is the Digital Touch Screen Watch. This watch is done in a classic style with a round face and black metal chain link band. It has a touch screen digital display and featuring time, date, timer, stopwatch and alarm. It also has chronograph functions. The Touch Screen watch is priced around $175.

Timex Ironman watch

Timex Ironman

The Timex Ironman Sleek Collection has a stylish design and plenty of functions. The main features of this watch are the Indiglo night light, dated training log, 100-hour chronograph and total run timer. It also has a 99 lap counter, 24 hour countdown timer and day, week and month displays and is water-resistant to 100 meters. The Ironman Sleek Collection is priced between $60 and $95 and comes in colors such as pink, white, black, lime green and patterns such as blue with a floral face cover or red with an abstract design face cover.

Casio Baby G-Shock watch

Baby G Watches by Casio

Casio's Baby G watches are chic and sporty. They have unique coloring and lots of shine. One digital model in the collection is the G-Shock DW6900. This model has a digital time display and features a backlight with flash alert, is shock resistance and is also water resistance to 200 meters. In addition, it has an hourly time signal and two alarms. The G-Shock DW6900 by Casio is done in a high gloss burgundy with a mirrored dial and is priced around $100.

Digital Watch Shopping Tips

Since digital watches come with a wide variety of features, selecting the ideal one can be a challenge. Before you shop, keep the following in mind to help you with your decision:

  • Budget: Set a budget to narrow down choices and avoid looking at those at of your price range.
  • Features: Not every feature on a digital watch is essential. Decide on what ones are important to you and base your selection on those.
  • Style: Digital watches can be a great accessory for women. There are sporty, classic and trendy styles available that can fit into any woman's collection, matching the jewelry and clothing that she wears most.

Fun and Functional

Digital watches are not only fun to wear but also offer many functions. Whether you run, swim or are just looking for a practical watch, there are digital watches to consider that can tell the time and much more.

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Digital Watches for Women: 4 Functional & Stylish Brands