Prayer Box Jewelry: Styles, Purpose and Shopping

Pray box pendant

If you are looking for ways to add more prayer to your daily life, wearing prayer box jewelry may be the answer. Decorating your body with prayer jewelry can serve as a gentle reminder of your decision to pray more often. Prayer-themed jewelry comes in many traditional styles, as well as trendy and artistic designs.

About Prayer Box Jewelry

Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, and Muslims have all used prayer boxes as religious expression. People of various faiths have used prayer boxes in the form of necklaces, brooches, and rings for religious ceremonial items, talismans, and mourning jewelry.

In Medieval Europe, nobles and clergy wore prayer jewelry, and during the Middle Ages and Renaissance this prayer jewelry was sometimes quite ornate with jewels to indicate social status. The jewelry came in many shapes and sizes, with some designs being rather large and impractical by today's standards. The Victorians wore prayer jewelry and sometimes combined the theme with mourning jewelry. Brooches and pendants held locks of loved one's hair, last photographs, and words of scripture. Today, prayer boxes are worn for religious, sentimental and fashion purposes. The selection of available styles has never been bigger.

Types of Modern Prayer Jewelry

Modern prayer box jewelry includes replicas of historic jewelry as well new artistic variations. The boxes come in materials such as sterling silver, yellow gold, brass, pewter, or resin. Some of the pieces are all metal with intricate patterns, while others incorporate gemstones and enameling. A great deal of this type of jewelry comes in pendant and necklace styles. However, bracelet and ring versions also exist. Examples of prayer-themed jewelry include the following:

  • Tibetan prayer wheel pendant - A cylinder-shaped box holds a scroll with a prayers (mantras) written on it. You pull out the scroll, say the prayer and then spin it. Many of these pendants come in lovely artistic patterns made in a variety of materials from sterling silver to combinations such as yellow gold and turquoise.
  • Chakra bead prayer pendant necklaces - Some modern prayer jewelry combines prayer box pendants in chakra-themed designs. These pieces are meant for meditation following the principles of the seven chakras.
  • Heart prayer lockets - Heart-shaped box lockets that are large enough to hold a few pieces of paper with prayers written on them are a modern variation of the prayer box. Many of these feature detailed decorative lids with scrollwork and gemstones.
  • Miniature Bible prayer box necklaces - Bible-shaped prayer boxes and pendants containing miniature Bibles are among some of the religious prayer jewelry available.
  • Bali silver prayer boxes - There are prayer box pendants, rings, and bracelets made with Balinese silver metalwork techniques.
  • Prayer box rings - These rings are usually all metal with detailed patterns and are made of sterling silver. These rings blend in with dressy or casual clothing. For those looking for prayer jewelry to wear daily, a ring may be ideal if you prefer wearing a meditative everyday ring rather than the same necklace each day.

Where to Buy Prayer Jewelry

Prayer box jewelry may be a little hard to find locally. Consider shopping online for a wider variety of options. The following websites sell prayer box-themed jewelry:

  • Eve's Addiction offers a sterling silver prayer box necklace.
  • Tibetan Prayer Wheels offers traditional prayer wheels for sale. Pendants made of gold or sterling silver are available.
  • Deja Vu Jewelry has prayer box rings and necklaces in all sterling silver with detailed artistic pattern designs.
  • Silver Charms Inc. offers prayer box charms, rings, earrings and bracelets.

Praying With Your Jewelry

In today's world, there is no right or wrong way to use most modern prayer jewelry. You can figure out your own prayer or meditation rituals. The only exceptions are replicas of traditional prayer jewelry, such as a Tibetan prayer wheel necklace, which is usually used in a certain manner for prayer. The jewelry will usually come with directions on how to pray in the traditional manner.

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