7 Pictures of Ruby Gemstones to Inspire You

Pictures of Ruby Gemstones


Whether you have a July birthday or simply love the deep red color of this exciting gem, pictures of ruby gemstones can help understand your jewelry options. Before you head to the jewelry store or start perusing products on the Internet, make sure you have some background information about rubies and their production.

Mining of Rubies


For centuries, people all over the world have prized rubies for their brilliant color and amazing durability. Most of the world's rubies are mined in Asia and Africa, and they often occur in other mineral deposits such as zoisite.

Quality in Rubies


After the ruby is mined, a certified gem cutter shapes the stone. The most valuable rubies are beautifully cut and display a deep red tone. While most natural rubies have some inclusions, the most valuable specimens have few flaws.

Ruby Cabochons


Some rubies, particularly those with cloudy spots or other flaws, look best when cut in a cabochon shape. A cabochon has a flat back and a rounded top surface, and these gems are usually set in a way that allows light to pass through and illuminate the stone.

Faceted Rubies


Skilled gem cutters shape the most precious rubies into faceted gems. These facets catch and reflect the light, giving the rubies great brilliance and beauty. Faceted rubies are often used in gemstone rings and other fine jewelry pieces.

Ruby Shapes


Faceted rubies come in a wide variety of shapes. Generally, the gem cutter examines the stone to determine which shape will result in the least amount of wasted material. Popular shapes include hearts and ovals, as well as marquis cuts and round brilliant cuts.

Rubies in Jewelry


Ruby jewelry looks gorgeous on almost every skin tone, and it makes a meaningful, heirloom-quality gift. You'll find beautiful ruby pieces available in many styles and at a number of price points.

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7 Pictures of Ruby Gemstones to Inspire You