Custom Rubber Bracelets to Share Your Voice

Rubber bracelets

Express your thoughts with personalized rubber bracelets. They can be made with any inscription you can imagine and are a great way to get the message out about a worthy cause or to honor someone special.

About Rubber Bracelets

Rubber awareness bracelets are a hot item that can be seen just about anywhere. Many people wear one to show their support of a specific cause or belief. Two popular versions are the yellow Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" bracelet and the soft pink breast cancer awareness bracelet. These types of rubber bracelets are pre-made and sold at various locations. They convey a simple message and can be worn by anyone who believes in the cause that they are endorsing.

Rubber bracelets continue to be a popular accessory and have become a trend that is probably not going away anytime soon. In fact, this inspirational style item is only becoming more popular, since there is an option to create your own bracelet to convey any message you choose.

Ideas for Personalized Rubber Bracelets

Whether you are looking for a unique gift idea or a way to raise money for your organization, rubber bracelets are a great option. They can be personalized with a name or a special message and used for occasions, such as the following:

  • Birthday parties: Have bracelets made with the guest of honor's name and birthday.
  • Fundraising: Raise money for a worthy cause by selling bracelets with your organization's name and logo on them.
  • Family reunions: Create bracelets with your family's name and the reunion date.
  • Memorial events: Honor a loved one who has passed by having this person's name displayed on the bracelet.
  • School spirit week: Raise school spirit by creating a bracelet in your school's color.
  • Business events: Personalized bracelets can be used to promote a business.

Shopping Options

There are numerous sites online that give you the option to personalize rubber bracelets. Many sites require that you purchase bracelets in bulk, so you may want to keep an eye out for sites with no minimum order.

Rubber bracelets often feature the following printing methods:

  • Debossed, where the design or lettering is imprinted and recessed down on the bracelet
  • Embossed, where the design and letters are raised off the bracelet
  • Laser engraved, which are much like debossed but require a shorter production time
  • Screen printed, which can feature any message or design

24 Hour Wristbands

Another site to check out is 24 Hour Wristbands. This site not only has a fast turnaround time, but it also has a variety of bracelet options to choose from. Some unique colors are offered on the site:

  • Lime green
  • Lavender
  • Pearl blue
  • Yellow gold

In addition, two-tone bracelets are available in fun combinations:

  • White and green
  • Red and blue
  • Green swirled with black
  • Red swirled with yellow
  • Red, white, and blue

Messages can be embossed, debossed, ink injected, color-coated, or printed. You can either upload your own custom artwork or choose from the selection of fonts and graphics found on the site.

Other Options

Other sites that give you the option to personalized rubber bracelets include the following:

Use Your Imagination

With all the colors, printing styles, and custom graphics and messages available, it's easy to create a rubber bracelet that is perfect for your cause or event. Use your imagination to find the unique combination of options that fits your personal style.

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Custom Rubber Bracelets to Share Your Voice