5 Places to Find Chocolate Pearl Necklaces & Earrings

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A chocolate pearl necklace and earrings set is a more modern twist on the classic pearls. Whether you prefer real or simulated, white gold or yellow gold, there are chocolate pearls for almost any budget.

Find a Chocolate Pearl Necklace and Earrings

When it comes to pearl necklaces, you can choose from a pendant with a single pearl or a strand of chocolate pearls, and you also have your pick between yellow or white gold. Though some of the most common pearl earrings-chocolate and otherwise-are studs, you can find pearl dangle earrings with a variety of details.

  • Honolulu Jewelry Company offers a small selection of pendants, pearl studs, and dangle earrings, all featuring beautiful chocolate pearls. Their jewelry is done in rose gold.
  • Maui Divers Jewelry is the place to check if you're hoping for chocolate pearls on a budget or even if you want something not necessarily inexpensive but unique and substantially less than retail cost. Earrings start at around $150, and necklaces and pendants start around $250. The site offers Tahitian chocolate pearl rings set with diamonds as well.
  • At JTV, you'll find a small selection of earrings and necklaces in chocolate and mahogany. Metal choices include 14K white or yellow gold and sterling silver.
  • If you don't mind dyed pearls, Macy's offers cultured, freshwater, chocolate pearl strand necklaces. They're available in different lengths, and some come in multiple shades.
  • Etsy offers a wonderful selection of unique chocolate pearl necklaces and earrings. Styles include round pearls as well as fresh water, and metal choices include copper and sterling silver settings. Some pieces are designed with all brown pearls, while others are mixed with other color pearls and Swarovski crystals.

How Chocolate Pearls Are Made

Chocolate pearls aren't natural. They're actually black Tahitian pearls that have been bleached to various shades of brown-from rust to bronze to a milk chocolate shade. Some chocolate pearls are the result of lighter pearls being dyed-not bleached-to achieve the rich brown tones.

According to Gemologial Institute of America, Inc., the bleaching process is exclusive to Ballerina Pearl Co. and true chocolate pearls are extremely rare. The chocolate pearls that show up everywhere are created from a silver nitrate dyeing process instead.

Buying Your Pearls

Before you purchase your pearls in a store or after you receive a package you ordered online, be sure to inspect your pearls for the quality you expect for the price you paid. If you own several chocolate pearl jewelry items, you can easily pair mismatched necklaces and earrings to get a coherent, stunning look.

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5 Places to Find Chocolate Pearl Necklaces & Earrings