14 Men’s Rubber Bracelets He’ll Love

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Bracelet Trends


Rubber bracelets are a hot fashion trend, and men's rubber bracelets come in a wide range of stylish designs. Plain rubber bracelets are inexpensive and can be made in a variety of colors or have imprinted messages, and they're popular for showing support of different causes. For a man who wants a bit more masculine flair there are also many bracelets to choose from.

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Simple Styles

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Simple, thin rubber bracelets are a good style for a man who isn't accustomed to wearing much jewelry. With just a few metallic accents, this bracelet adds a touch of distinction to any man's wrist.

Layered Bracelets

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Multiple thin strands of black rubber layered with steel cables can create a bold and attractive accessory for men. The steel plates along the length of the bracelet can remain plain or be engraved for a personalized look.

Beaded Bracelets

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Beads can be an easy accent on leather bracelets, and steel beads spaced out with leather beads is a great look for a man who wants a more traditional bracelet style but still enjoys the rubber and steel look.

Chain Bracelets

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Bike chain jewelry is popular for men, and men's rubber bracelets may include a short section of chain as a focal point. The number of chain links can vary, as can the thickness of the rest of the rubber bracelet. Simple thin rubber cords work well with a chain bracelet to give it a simpler, less bulky look.

Thick Styles

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Thicker bracelets are popular with men, and thick chunks of rubber bound together with thin steel sections is a bold but still simple look. The links also give the bracelet good flexibility for whatever tasks the man may do while wearing it.

Metal Accents

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The metal accents on a rubber bracelet don't have to be just beads or separators. A focal point that is geometric is a strong, powerful design perfect for a masculine rubber bracelet.

Biker LInk Designs

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For men who prefer a bolder look, a biker link bracelet can be a good choice. Rubber sections that decorate steel links create a fashionable look that combines rubber and steel in a balanced way.

Rubber Chains

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Bicycle, motorcycle, and other mechanical chains are popular options for men's bracelets, and a short section of chain is perfect for a rubber bracelet. The rubber keeps the chain from being too heavy and the number of links can vary to increase the size of the bracelet.

Alert Bracelets

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Medical alert bracelets don't have to be plain or predictable. A rubber bracelet with an engravable steel plate is a perfect option for a man who needs this type of accessory, and adding a cabled section to the bracelet makes it even more fashionable.

Rubber and Beads

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A more elaborate beaded bracelet for men combines small rubber loops and steel beads together in a bold and stylish way. While the loops and beads are all small and relatively thin, the overall look is still strong and powerful as befits masculine jewelry.

Christian Bracelets

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A man who is secure in his faith may opt for a Christian bracelet made from black rubber and stainless steel. The steel sections may have crosses, doves, footprints, or other religious symbolism carved into them, or they may even have a favorite psalm or Bible verse number.

Gold and Silver Accents

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Stainless steel is not the only type of metal that goes well with men's rubber bracelets. Silver and gold accents can give the bracelet a masculine touch with plenty of chic style.

Jewel Bracelets

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While most rubber bracelets for men are accented with stainless steel, a bracelet that has dark stones can add a touch of sophistication to a man's wrist, and make for a dressier outfit.

Symbol Bracelets

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A simple rubber bracelet can be adorned with many different types of etchings or engraved designs. Geometric patterns, fraternity letters, sports logos, dragons, skulls, and other designs are available.

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