Wire Coiled Pendants: What They Are & Where to Get Them

Coiled wire pendant

Wire coiled pendants offer many modern artistic design options. These types of pendants are often available through jewelry artists and come in many original designs. Find out about the coiled wire jewelry available, and get some online shopping recommendations.

About Coiled Wire Jewelry

Coiled wire jewelry refers to jewelry with twisted wire, in a curling or coiling pattern, as a primary design element. Hard metal wire of at least 22 gauge is often used to hold the pattern. Common metals used are sterling silver, copper, or brass.

In wire wrapped jewelry designs, the coiled wiring often frames the center stone or main design. Artists can use one layer of wire coiling or form more intricate wrapping designs with multiple layers.

Wire wrapped pendant designs vary greatly depending on the wrapping technique and pattern used.

Coiled Wire Pendant Designs

Coiled wire pendants can be very striking and create an artistic statement. The following are examples of wire coiled pendants:

  • All-metal copper coiled spiral patterned pendant on a beaded necklace
  • Free-form wire wrapped blue glass bead and yellow glass bead connected by coiling wire
  • Interconnected open coils wire pendant in sterling silver
  • Artistic swirl-shaped pendant wrapped in a spiraling wire
  • Amethyst center stone set in elaborate wire patterned background with a smaller amethyst accessory stone

Customers can find many artistic designs online from individual jewelry artists.

Buying Wire Coiled Pendants Online

The Internet may be the best source for finding coiled wire pendants for many locations. The Internet features many jewelry artists who have unique wire wrapping techniques and have coiled wire designs. It helps to search under the terms "wire wrapped," "coiled wire pendants," as well as "wire coiled pendants" to find the most shopping options. Websites that sell coiled wire jewelry include the following:

  • MontourDesigns: The MontourDesigns Etsy shop has many wire wrapped jewelry designs using mixed media. The artist has a selection of coiled wire necklaces.
  • Tangocatgems: The Etsy shop Tangocatgems sells wire wrapped coil pendants using copper or brass wire.
  • Peg's Basketry: The Peg's Basketry site offers coiled wire jewelry with intricate wire wrapping detail.
  • Wire Treasures: Jewelry artist Gloria Adams exclusively sells wire wrapped jewelry designs. She also has a selection of wire coil wrapped pendants.
  • Ebay: Ebay is a good place to find coiled wire pendants and necklaces for reasonable prices.

Caring for Coiled Wire Jewelry

Proper wire jewelry care is important, because this type of jewelry contains a lot of metal and is generally made out of the types of metal that tarnish easily, such as sterling silver, copper, and brass. Wire can also catch and snag on clothing. The following jewelry tips can help keep coiled wire pendants in good condition:

  • Store wire jewelry in a plastic bag and satin jewelry pouch. The plastic bag will slow down the tarnishing process. The satin pouch will keep the jewelry from getting scratched by other jewelry during storage.
  • Polish the pendant regularly to prevent tarnish and maintain shine. Use a soft jewelry polishing cloth. Never use abrasive chemical jewelry polishes. If using a jewelry cleaning solution, make sure to get a gentle one from a jeweler.
  • Be careful when wearing the pendant to make sure it does not catch on clothing and get damaged. Remove the jewelry when doing rough chores and playing sports to prevent damaging or losing the pendant.

Unique Modern Jewelry

If you're looking for unique modern jewelry, consider coiled wire pendants.

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Wire Coiled Pendants: What They Are & Where to Get Them