U.S. Army Rings to Honor Those Who Serve

U.S. Army Ring

The wearing of rings can signify an important commitment or event in someone's life. People who have served in the U.S. Army may choose to wear a ring that honors their career. U.S. Army rings are a way of building solidarity with other soldiers and commemorating a military career.

Shopping for U.S. Army Rings

Post exchanges usually offer a selection of Army rings, but the Internet can be the best place to shop for military rings due to the large selection of jewelry designs and significant price discounts. The following websites sell military-themed jewelry:

  • The Bradford Exchange Online: The Bradford Exchange carries the official licensed U.S. Army ring. The official army ring is handcrafted in 18K gold plating over sterling silver. The army logo in gold with a black background forms the center design, with the logo on gold running on both sides of the ring. The inner band is engraved with the words, "This We'll Defend." The ring costs about $250.
  • Dunham Manufacturing: Dunham Manufacturing sells both traditional army rings for men and women as well as fashion ring styles for women. Some of the fashion rings would make good engagement rings for female soldiers.
  • Daniel's Jewelers: Daniel's Jewelers carries army rings for men and women. All rings can be customized with an engraved message. Price depends upon the materials selected.
  • Jostens: Buy a custom military ring directly from Jostens. Depending on the personalization details, the ring cost averages between $189 and $1,200.
  • Military Rings: The Military Rings site has three different army ring styles and some creative options for personalizing a ring, such as a flag graphic laser cut into the center stone and engraving on the band. Jewelry prices begin under $200. They carry the Balfour ring line.
  • Danbury Mint: The Danbury Mint makes attractive but reasonably priced collectible rings for under $150. Designs choices include the star logo, the eagle logo, or your choices of gem.

Army Ring Guide

Army-themed rings are available in designs that honor military service. Today's military ring styles go beyond traditional heavy signet rings and include designs that can fit modern fashions and all different lifestyles.


Army rings come in many designs for men and women who prefer traditional or cutting edge fashion. Basic rings are sold off-the-shelf, while more personalized rings are custom orders. Many military rings are custom ordered so that shoppers can add specific details like unit crests and unique engravings. You'll find many styles from traditional heavy, square or oval bezel-set rings with engraved sides to stone-free signet rings and engraved bands. There are also thin band rings with center stones that look more like fashion jewelry than a military ring for those who dislike heavy jewelry. Military-themed ring styles include the following:

  • Official licensed U.S. Army logo ring, such as a gold-plated signet ring with the army logo engraved in gold on a black background and an inner band reading, "Army strong"
  • Basic army-themed ring, such as a gold-plated one that features a bezel-set faceted crystal center stone and American flags on both sides
  • Precious metal ring personalized with Army unit, branch, and crest, such as a ring made of 14K gold with the soldier's Army unit crest on one side and the branch information on the second side
  • Precious metal ring with diamonds and personalized Army career details, such as a platinum ring with the Army crest and branch information on each side and a diamond center stone
  • Fashion Army rings, which resemble fashion jewelry with thin bands and center stones that may also feature accessory stones

Ring Pricing

Prices vary depending upon the materials used and level of customization. A very basic premade ring with the American flag and a U.S. Army eagle on the sides with a gold overlay band and a cubic zirconia stone can cost as little as $20, while a custom gold ring with diamonds can cost $2,000 or more. Purchasing a ring online may be a more affordable option.

Military Rings as Gifts

A ring may be the perfect gift for a special soldier, whether active duty, veteran, or retired. Giving a gift of a Army-themed ring to a soldier is a way of showing support and gratitude for his or her service and honoring his or her connection with all members of the military in the simple act of wearing a ring daily. It is a gift that will be appreciated and treasured for a lifetime.

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U.S. Army Rings to Honor Those Who Serve