Guide to Silver U.S. Navy Rings

U.S. Naval Academy ring

Navy rings made of silver are easy to find online and in jewelry stores, although you'll probably have to place a special order if you purchase your ring in-person at a brick and mortar jewelry store. Most stores have an online service that allows you to order military jewelry, especially rings, directly through the website.

About Navy Rings Made of Silver

You can purchase navy rings in various metals, including silver. Silver, although a precious metal, is considerably cheaper than 14 KT and even 10 KT gold. Many people prefer the feel of silver over gold, while others like the cool color tone of sterling silver better than the warmth of white gold.

Navy ring designs are determined by the website or jewelry store. Most offer quite a few additional features that you may want to include in the customized design, including gemstones and diamonds you can select from a list of available options.

Some popular styles include the following:

  • US Navy Seal
  • Oval
  • Antique
  • Stadium
  • Fashion

You'll find rings in a variety of different finishes. You might consider a blackened background or a natural metal background. Some rings are available with side panels, while others are simple designs with a matte or polished finish.

Rings by Ratings and Rank

Some of the rings for the Navy are available according to ratings and rank. These are some of the options that you may be interested in exploring before you make a final decision on the ring you want to buy. Rings can be purchased for the Executive branch of the Navy, as well as other parts of the service. The two popular Officer rings are Mustang and Officer.

Another option that is often appealing to military personnel is one that indicates pins and badges:

  • First Class Diver
  • Aircrew
  • Naval Fight Officer
  • Security Police
  • Navy Seal
  • Surface Warfare
  • Master EOD
  • Naval Aviator
  • Medical
  • Seabee
  • Submariner

If your rank dictates a specific rating, then you might want to display it with a ratings style ring, complete with the symbols associated with it. These include:

  • Boatswain's Mate
  • Gunner's Mate
  • Machinist's Mate
  • Radioman
  • Aviation Ordnance
  • Cryptologic Technician
  • Hospital Corpsman
  • Master-At-Arms

The Petty Officer rates are all available and each with different symbols:

  • Petty Officer First Class
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Master Chief Petty Officer

Service Designation

You may prefer a ring that designates a specific war or that you're retired:

  • Desert Storm
  • Korea
  • Operation Iraqi
  • Retired
  • Vietnam
  • World War II

The POW/MIA ring is also available as a powerful tribute to those who sacrificed so much.

Design Your Own Ring

Most of the US Navy rings can be customized. Depending on where you purchase your ring, you may have the option of selecting what elements and symbols are placed in the side panels. Be sure to explore all of the options available when ordering a customized ring. Double-check all details before placing your order, since custom rings are generally not returnable.

Where to Buy

  • Dunham Mfg offers silver rings, as well as those crafted from a metal called Palisil. Palisil is a non-gold metal that emulates white gold without the expense. White gold is also available.
  • Joy Jewelers is the place to go if you're looking for a unique design in sterling silver.
  • Classic Rings offers Navy rings by wars, ratings, pins and badges, enlisted ranks, officer ranks, and POW/MIA, all in sterling silver.

Finalizing Your Selection

Deciding on which ring best fits your needs may take some time, since there are so many options. It's always best to take your time, since it's unlikely you'll be buying more than one of these rings. Navy rings made of silver offer you a classic look that will never grow old.

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