Gold Heart Mom Necklaces to Express Your Love

Mom heart necklace

Jewelry can be a meaningful gift for a mother because she can wear a lovely piece of art that symbolizes her bond with her family. Mom necklaces are a classic jewelry gift because each piece is designed to honor the role of motherhood through artistic design and often, words. The gold heart mom necklace is one of the most popular types.

Gold Heart Mom Necklace Designs

There are many possible design variations on the heart mom necklace, including the following:

  • Heart-shaped pendants engraved with the word "Mom" on the front are among the most popular mother necklaces. These pieces come in both simple designs and styles embellished with decorative patterns.
  • Filigree heart designs are delicate and may have the word "mother" engraved amongst the webbing pattern. Some also include gemstones.
  • Diamond can add a little or a lot of sparkle to a simple heart-shaped pendant. Some pieces incorporate one small diamond, while others are multiple stone designs.
  • Modern metal loop or circle necklaces are great options for moms who like more tailored pieces. Some loops have decorative heart shapes as a part of the design, while others have hearts engraved on the circular pendant.
  • Necklaces featuring children's birthstones are very meaningful mom gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day or a wedding anniversary. Many birthstone jewelry designs are available ranging from traditional lockets to modern open heart-shaped pendants.
  • A new take on the break-apart friendship necklace, mom and child necklaces come with two halves of a heart meant to be broken apart, allowing mom to wear one half and the child to wear the other.
  • Gold, flat, heart-shaped disc pendants are used for many modern designs. The pendants generally have a highly polished shiny surface and may be engraved with modern-style fonts. Gemstones are also sometimes set into the pendants.
  • Overlay heart pendants are similar to lockets in design, featuring two connected metal pieces. The bottom piece is usually engraved with words, while the front cover piece is cut into an open-work heart design that allows the engraving to still be partly seen when it is slipped over the bottom piece.
  • Pendants cut into a heart shape without a center in an open design are also popular for mom necklaces. Some designs include dangling gemstones or words engraved into the metal frame forming the heart shape.
  • Dog tag necklaces with heart graphics engraved on the surface are also available. Some families add birthstone gemstones to dog tag designs.

Most of these necklace styles are available in yellow or white gold. Deciding which type of gold to buy depends on the personal taste of the mom. For example, if the mom wears a lot of sterling silver jewelry, the color and tone of white gold would blend best with all of her silver jewelry.

Companies Specializing in Mom Jewelry

Visiting websites that specialize in motherhood jewelry can help families find the most gift options for Mom. The following websites offer unique jewelry designs in the motherhood theme:

  • Lifetime Mothers: The Lifetime Mothers site has classic engraved hearts with decorative designs like flowers and patterns.
  • Posh Mommy: Posh Mommy sells modern disc, loop and tag-style pendants, including heart-shaped disc pendants in white and yellow 14K gold.
  • Bliss Living: The company makes handcrafted mother-themed jewelry. They sell many designs, including birthstone heart pendants, engravable heart overlay pendants and inscribed open heart necklaces.

Additional Online Sources for Gold Heart Mom Jewelry

Mother-themed jewelry is available at many local jewelry stores. However, shopping online can help you find a larger selection of artistic and unusual pieces not widely available locally. The following websites sell gold heart mom jewelry:

  • Zales: Zales has a number of traditional mother-themed necklaces with heart designs, including lockets.
  • Etsy: This online marketplace offers a large variety of heart-shaped mother's necklaces, including a very traditional style from BrattonCraft.
  • Limogés Jewelry: Limogés has break-apart mom and daughter pendants, open heart birthstone necklaces and double-heart birthstone pendants.

Choose a Mom Necklace with Care

Families can find a necklace that mom will love by paying attention to the type of jewelry she likes. If she likes antique-style jewelry, look for antique and vintage-inspired designs. It is also a good idea to match jewelry styles with the person's lifestyle. For example, if she is very active and would wear the necklace daily, an all metal necklace might blend in better with her wardrobe and will be more durable than pieces with gemstone settings that could snag on clothing. Most moms will love any piece of jewelry given to her by her family. However, taking the extra care in shopping can help families find jewelry that mom will really love.

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Gold Heart Mom Necklaces to Express Your Love