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Baseball Bling

Finding cheap baseball jewelry is a great way to stylishly show support of your favorite sport, team, or player. From necklaces and earrings to pins, bracelets, and cuff links, there is a wide range of jewelry styles with a baseball theme.

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Team Pendants

A classic team pendant is the perfect choice for a baseball fan to show support for her favorite team. Officially licensed pendants are available for all Major League Baseball teams, and the team logo superimposed on a home plate is a popular design motif.

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Team Earrings

Wearing baseball earrings is a great way to show your affiliation with a specific team. Mini baseballs, bases, and team logos are all popular design options, or generic baseball-themed earrings are also available in both French hook and post styles.

Baseball protection medal
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Protection Medals

A Saint Christopher protection medal is a popular type of jewelry for baseball players to wear. A baseball design on one side is paired with a simple protection prayer on the back of the medal to keep the player safe.

Baseball charm bracelet on
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Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet is a fun way to show your love of baseball. Popular charms include bases, balls, bats, gloves, and player figurines, and the bracelets can be easily personalized with charms from specific teams or player positions.

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Player Pendants

A figural baseball player pendant is a great option for a player's mother, grandmother, or friend to wear. While a more detailed, elaborate pendant can be quite expensive, simple player pendants and necklaces are available at a lower cost.

Frozen rope baseball necklace on
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Rope Necklaces

Support your favorite team with a baseball rope necklace. Adorned with different team logos, the rope necklace comes in a variety of colors.

Baseball bead on
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Baseball Beads

Sometimes the best cheap baseball jewelry is what you make yourself. Baseball-themed beads are available to help you do just that, and designs such as baseballs, caps, bats, and gloves are all popular. Combine themed beads with your favorite team colors for personalized jewelry.

Cuff links on
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Formal Baseball Jewelry

Cheap baseball jewelry does not have to be unattractive. Simple baseball glove cuff links, for example, are affordable and attractive for a young player to wear to an awards banquet or for any baseball fan to wear on a suitable formal occasion. Different cuff links are available with team logos, balls, and other symbols.

Baseball belly ring on
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Belly Rings

A baseball belly ring can be a fun way to show your love of the game. Belly rings can feature team logos, colors, or basic baseball symbols such as balls, gloves, or bases for a fun and fashionable accent.

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Jewelry Sets

A themed jewelry set for a favorite baseball team can be an easy and convenient way to show your support. Most sets include earrings and a necklace, and larger sets may include a bracelet or anklet as well.

Baseball Italian charm on
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Italian Charms

Italian charms are another way to personalize your jewelry with a baseball theme. A wide range of baseball Italian charms are available, and "Baseball Mom" charms are some of the most popular for mothers to show their support of their son's Little League or school team efforts.

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Cheap Baseball Jewelry