Jewelry Stands to Show Off Your Necklaces

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Jewelry stands to display necklaces can help you keep your jewelry sorted and tangle-free. Whether you need a display stand for personal use, or you make your own jewelry and attend craft shows, you have quite a few creative choices.

Deciding What You Need

You need to decide how many necklaces you wish to display and how tall and wide the stands must be to accommodate all of your necklaces. Some stands are designed to display only one necklace, while others can display multiple ones. If you need to purchase stands so you can participate in a jewelry or craft show, then chances are you have at least one or more necklaces that you wish to highlight as feature pieces. This type of display calls for a specific type of jewelry stand such as a bust or silhouette stand. If you own a jewelry store and need additional display fixtures, then you might want to be creative when it comes to selecting display styles. Whatever your needs, you can find quite a few attractive and creative ways to display your necklaces.

Options for Jewelry Stands to Display Necklaces

There are many kinds of jewelry stands for necklace displays:

  • Some necklace display stands are flocked cardboard and are designed like a cardboard easel. These often come packaged in groupings of four to six stands of varying heights. This type of assortment allows you to arrange the flocked easels in an interesting display either on top of a jewelry cabinet or inside a jewelry store display window. More expensive flocked display stands are made out of foam, plastic, or even wood and are thickly padded then covered in black velvet.
  • A flocked or velvet necklace stand can either be a bust form or a cutout that resembles a bust silhouette. Others are made out of metal or wood. You can find various shapes such as hearts or stylized busts to display necklaces and give customers an idea how the necklace will appear when worn.
  • You'll also find metal display stands. If you need to conserve space for displaying necklaces in a kiosk or a jewelry or craft show, then you may prefer an attractive metal necklace stand that can hold up to 20 or more necklaces. This type of stand is often a T-shape design with either grooves or hooks for the necklaces to suspend from the rod. Some have metal bases while others have wood ones.
  • If you want to create a more interesting display, then you may prefer to purchase an artistic form for your stand. There are various shapes available such as a Greek harp that can accommodate quite a few necklaces.
  • Depending on the space and theme you wish to set for your display, you may prefer to mix in a few whimsical designs to add interest to your display and set it apart from others. One such display is a hand sculpture with the hand outstretched upward. Each of the five fingers makes a great place to suspend several necklace strands in the display. Another fun design is a blooming flower design cutout in wood or sheet metal. Necklaces can be suspended from the various petals and leaves of the cutout. Some designs combine the displaying of earrings and necklaces in one unit. You can find these among the other jewelry displays. The whimsical flair is also alive and well in these designs. One such display is a silhouette of a partial human face.

Choosing Your Necklace Display Stand

There are many things to consider when you start shopping for your jewelry stands to display necklaces. However, with all the options on the market, you won't have any problem finding something to suit your jewelry display needs.

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Jewelry Stands to Show Off Your Necklaces