How to Wear a Pocket Watch for a Timeless Look

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Many people wonder how to wear a pocket watch. These are classic and stylish timepieces, but deciding how best to wear one often puts people off trying one for the first time. They are not difficult to wear, however, and this distinctive type of watch can be ideal for someone looking for something a little different.

Pocket watches are more than just a time keeping device, they are a small piece of time keeping tradition. The pocket watch has a long and interesting history. At one time, pocket timepieces were the most popular type of watch. Over the years, however, the advent of wrist watches meant that the popularity of the pocket watch waned. Today, many people are taking another look at pocket watches and these timepieces of yesteryear are fast becoming a must-have accessory. One of the questions that many people ask before buying this type of watch is "how to wear a pocket watch". Worn correctly, a pocket watch can look stylish and attractive; worn incorrectly, the watch can get damaged or even lost.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch Correctly

The most important thing about wearing a pocket watch is to ensure that the watch is kept safe and secure. Unlike a wrist watch that fits snugly and safely around the wrist and is held securely by a strap, the pocket watch needs to be kept in a pocket. This means that the pocket watch can easily slip out of the pocket or get scratched or damaged by keys or change. Knowing how to wear a pocket watch involves addressing both of these aspects:

Keeping a Pocket Watch Secure

A pocket watch needs to be kept secure by the means of a chain. The chain will fasten at one end to the watch and at the other end the chain will fasten to a garment. This means that should the pocket watch slip from a pocket the chain will hold the watch and not let it slip to the floor and get lost or broken. The chain can be any length and the length of the chain will depend on where the watch is to be kept and where the chain is to clip on to. Many people wear their pocket watch in the pocket of a jacket or waistcoat. In this instance the chain is clipped to the jacket on the other side and the chain makes an attractive accessory. Shorter chains can hold the watch in a pocket without being draped across the body.

The pocket watch chain can be very simple, or the chain can be highly ornamental. Silver chains give an elegant feel to a pocket watch, whereas gold tone chains can complement other gold jewelry. Special pocket watch chains are available from watch and clock stores.

Keeping a Pocket Watch Free From Damage

The other aspect of wearing a pocket watch is ensuring that it is kept free from damage. The watch chain must not be too long, otherwise it may rub against the watch and cause damage. Many pocket watches have cases and these protect the watch, however these too can get damaged. There are leather pocket watch cases available and the pocket watch can be slipped into these and the case itself will help to keep the watch free from scratching. These are useful for very valuable pocket watches, however they can be quite cumbersome for everyday wear.

Knowing how to wear a pocket watch will open up a whole new range of time keeping opportunities. A pocket watch can be worn as an attractive accessory as well as a time keeping device and this makes them a versatile and interesting type of watch and one that is definitely worth considering by the fashion conscious man.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch for a Timeless Look