Modern and Vintage Glass Locket Styles

Bracelet with glass locket for photo

Glass lockets are elegant ways to pay tribute to a loved one or keep a special keepsake close by. The clear glass gives the keepsakes inside more visibility so that it also becomes a part of the jewelry design. Discover available locket designs and where to shop for glass jewelry online.

Glass Locket Jewelry Fashions Over the Years

Glass lockets are not a new concept. Over the years, glass jewelry fashions have been popular as wearable religious amulets and mourning jewelry, as well as photo holders and artistic pendants. During the Medieval and Renaissance eras, decorative glass vessel pendants might have carry scented oil, a religious talisman, or even poison. Two-sided glass lockets were popular for carrying a lock of a loved one's hair during the Victorian time period. Colored glass lockets with lids decorated in contrasting colors were around in the Art Deco period, often as photo holders. Today, glass jewelry features locket fashions as traditional photo holders as well as artistic pendants.

Vintage Styles

Vintage lockets made of glass have many elegant feminine designs and a handmade craftsmanship that can't be copied by machine manufactured modern jewelry. Some lockets made with glass have other materials incorporated in the designs, such as brass parts or a gemstone accessory. The following are examples of vintage glass pendant lockets:

  • Oval two-sided sliding glass locket set into a circular brass frame
  • Filigree lace-patterned pendant with glass window for a lock of hair
  • Heart-shaped cobalt glass pendant locket with red glass star on the lid
  • Stained glass pendant locket
  • Fleur de Lis etched glass vessel amulet

People who enjoy vintage glass jewelry designs can also find vintage-inspired modern jewelry.

Modern Glass Lockets

Modern glass jewelry includes many of the designs of yesteryear, as well as unique artistic concepts by artisans. Here are a few of the options for modern glass jewelry in the locket style:

  • Colorful glass and sterling silver locket
  • Heart-shaped brass and sea glass pendant locket
  • Glass cross memorial locket for cremation ashes
  • Butterfly wing mounted in a clear locket lid made of glass
  • Locket pendant with abstract painting framed with glass and sterling silver
  • Glass locket with a short poem etched on the lid
  • Fused recycled glass bottle locket with sterling silver decorative element
  • Sterling silver locket with blown glass accessory bead
  • Celtic spiral design sterling silver and glass vessel locket
  • Bracelet with locket shaped like a picture frame with a glass covering

Shopping Online for Glass Jewelry

Jewelry shoppers may find some small selections of basic glass locket designs at local jewelers. However, the Internet has the best selection for a variety of designs and access to unique one-of-a-kind artisan pieces.

The following online retailers sell glass jewelry, including lockets:

  • BabySakes: BabySakes has heart-shaped and oval antique style lockets made of glass and sterling silver.
  • Pictures on Gold: Pictures on Gold sells an elegant heart-shaped glass and sterling silver option, as well as a round glass and sterling silver lockets.
  • Amazon: Amazon is a good source for basic clear lockets made of glass in a variety of shapes.
  • DearestMine: The jewelry artist at the Heartworks by Lori Etsy shop has a large number of art lockets using insects, flowers, photographs, or miniature paintings. Some are made with glass and metal, while others have a glass-type coating.
  • Art Inspired Gifts: Art Inspired Gifts Etsy shop sells many artistic fused glass and recycled glass pendants and lockets.

Worth Considering

Shoppers can find many beautiful locket designs at various price levels when searching for glass art jewelry. The available designs are not simply for photos. Lockets made of glass are worth considering for fashion as well as personal memento jewelry.

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