12 Filigree Locket Necklaces (and Where to Get Them)

Filigree Lockets


Lockets are beautiful pieces of jewelry, and filigree lockets offer a light-weight alternative to the bulky mass of some solid designs. Since these lockets are available in many shapes, sizes, and styles, you can find a design to match any jewelry collection.

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Aromatherapy Lockets

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Aromatherapy lockets are modern adaptations of filigree designs that include wide open parts of the locket on the front and the back. The locket is usually filled with a small piece of scented cloth, herbs, or other material to diffuse a pleasant aroma that the wearer can enjoy.

Purse Lockets

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A locket doesn't have to be a basic shape, and a purse-style filigree locket is a fun and stylish choice. There are a wide range of purse-style lockets available that can match any chic wardrobe, and while this tiny purse may not hold much, it can be an essential fashion accessory.

Long Lockets

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A long, rectangular locket is perfect for holding a lock of hair or other sentimental object, and a filigree design on the front of the locket helps break up the length to make the design more delicate. The filigree might extend to the edges of the locket, or it might cover just the center portion for a more subtle look.

Partial Filigree

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A partial filigree locket necklace has patterning only on part of the piece. The other portion of the locket's design may be brushed or polished metal, artwork, crystal, tumbled rock, or gemstone. This is a lovely choice for a design that includes a dash of color as well as the classic filigree.

Faux Filigree

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While a true filigree pattern cuts completely through the metal to reveal what is inside the locket, a faux filigree can be created with deep etchings in a classic pattern. Lace patterns, vines, flowers, or geometric designs are the most popular and are suitable for any locket shape.

Heart Filigree Lockets

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Heart-shaped lockets are some of the most popular designs, and adding a filigree pattern to the front of the heart gives it a romantic, vintage appeal. The delicacy and extent of the filigree can vary, as can the overall shape and thickness of the heart.

Box Lockets

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Known as a poison box, a box locket has a stunning vintage look that is only enhanced and made more beautiful by a filigree pattern. Cropped corners and gemstone accents are popular options for these kinds of filigree lockets.

Filigree Patterns

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Just as the holes in a filigree locket can make an attractive pattern, so too can the metal accents that make up the face of the locket. Starbursts, swirls, checks, and other geometric patterns are popular for both modern and vintage filigree designs.

Gemstone Accents

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Adding a gemstone accent gives a filigree pattern an immediate focal point and a wonderful touch of color. Birthstones are popular choices for locket accents, as are diamonds. Smoothly tumbled stones, such as opal and turquoise, are other gemstones that work well for this design.

Cross Filigree

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A cross filigree pattern is a popular design that evokes a touch of spirituality in the jewelry. Crosses can be simple or elaborate and are usually featured on rectangular or oval lockets that visually balance the cross shape. Additional accents may include gemstones, crystals, or interior engraving.

Themed Lockets

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Unusual filigree lockets may have specific themes or motifs rather than just geometric patterns. A bird's nest filigree pattern is popular for lockets that feature bird accents, such as owls, songbirds, or peacocks. Other popular themed accents include flowers, angels, and butterflies, all of which may have coordinating filigree patterns on the face of the locket.

Filigree Detail

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A filigree locket necklace does not have to be ornate to be meaningful. A simple, understated pattern can frame a claddagh design, for example, for a highly symbolic and cherished piece of jewelry.

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