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OPPO Rings & MeBANDS: Jewelry Review for Kids

Adrienne Warber
OPPO Rings and ME Bands

Kids rubber jewelry comes in many styles, colors and forms. It remains a popular type of jewelry for children as young as preschool through junior high school. Imperial Toy's OPPO Rings and MeBANDS rubber jewelry offer many style options that allow children to express themselves. LoveToKnow Jewelry received free review copies of OPPO Rings and MeBANDS. A LoveToKnow contributer and her five-year-old jewelry-fan daughter reviewed the products to see if the jewelry passed the tests of being fun, comfortable and durable.

Review of OPPO Rings and MeBANDS

The five-year-old reviewer wore different sets of OPPO Rings and MeBANDS to test out the jewelry on three different occasions.

Fun and Fashion Appeal

The child reviewer immediately liked the colorful rings and bands. She enjoyed switching different pieces of jewelry to match outfits frequently. She also liked to use the jewelry as props for playing with her stuffed animals and dolls. She decorated her toys with the bracelets and rings, too. She found some pieces also went with her princess costumes as well.


The MeBANDS became a little uncomfortable for the child reviewer when worn for more than two hours. During a hot summer day, the thick band was too warm where it lay against her skin. She also found that it occasionally got in the way when she played. She said the thick rubber was not as comfortable as her silly bands, which are made of a thin rubber.

The OPPO Rings are also made of thick rubber but she felt they were comfortable on her fingers. She wore them comfortably for hours during product test days.


These rings and bracelets held up well to rough play. The paint did not rub off when she played in water several times while wearing the jewelry. She tried pulling on the bands and twisting them to test the strength, and they did not rip and always returned back to their natural shape.

More About OPPO Rings and MeBANDS

Oppo rings and Me bands

Imperial Toy manufactures OPPO Rings and MeBANDS. Both types of jewelry are made out of rubber, all one piece, and contain words, phrases and graphics that follow current trends. Most rings and bands are unisex and can be worn by either boys or girls. Some versions are more geared toward girls. The recommended age for both types of jewelry is 8+. The bands may be popular with children as young as five and do not contain any small removable parts. Both types of jewelry have a suggested retail price of $1.99.

OPPO Rings

OPPO stands for Opposites Attract. Rings feature either an opposites attract theme in graphics of words. The word rings are single-sided. The graphic rings are double-sided, with opposing graphics on each side. This allows the child to wear it either way, depending on her mood. The rings are sold in sets of three that can be worn together, and follow the theme of opposites attract. For example, one set received by LoveToKnow features the following:

  • Pink ring with words Princess on one side
  • Double-sided ring with a princess graphic on one side and a lemon graphic on the other
  • Green ring with words frog on one side
  • OPPO ring collections include the following themes:
  • Friends and enemies
  • Love and hate
  • Night and day
  • Yin and yang
  • Hot and not


The MeBANDS are statement bracelets that allow kids to wear a symbol of their mood, a belief or an activity like dance. The bands are thick and come in many colors. Some bracelet designs incorporate both words and graphics.

The website encourages kids to collect the bands and trade them like friendship bracelets.

Styles include bands with the following phrases:

  • Je T'aime
  • Nerd
  • I love Your BFF
  • TMI
  • JK!
  • Don't Bother
  • Unfriend
  • Dreamer
  • I Love Sugar
  • Stuck Up
  • Spoiled
  • Dolla Dolla Bills

A Fun Option for Kids

Many kids will like OPPO Rings and MeBANDS because of the large selection of colorful designs and sassy phrases. Since rubber kids' jewelry remains popular in elementary schools and junior high, the two lines may one day be as in demand as silly bands.

OPPO Rings & MeBANDS: Jewelry Review for Kids