Gypsy Hoop Enamel Earrings: Get That Bohemian Look

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Are you looking for information on gypsy hoop enamel earrings? Gypsy-themed earrings are a fun and versatile fashion accessory. The earrings can spice up a T-shirt and jeans or add the finishing touch to a little red dress. Learn about gypsy hoop earrings, ways to wear them, and where to buy the earrings online.

About Gypsy Hoop Earrings

Gypsy hoops were all the rage in the 1970s, along with bell bottoms, platform shoes, and disco. Yet even as fashions changed for music, clothes, and jewelry, gypsy hoops never went out of style in bohemian fashion.

The term "gypsy hoop" refers to extra large hoop earrings that are often the size of a quarter larger. The term is broad and can refer to many different style earrings, ranging from slim all-wire earrings to wide patterned ones.

Enameled Gypsy Earring Styles

Enameled gypsy earrings are metal covered by enameling, a powdered glass material that comes in a variety of colors. Jewelry artists use heat to melt the powdered glass into a paste and then apply the glass paste to metal. Enameling is usually applied to metals such as surgical steel, gold, bronze, or copper. The metal oxides in the glass and the temperature used to fuse it to the metal determine whether the enamel goes on translucent or opaque.

There are a number of ways to apply enamel to metal. The oldest and most famous enameling technique is cloisonné, which was first used by the ancient Egyptians using patterns of cut glass in gold. Today artisans create a network of cloisons (compartments) with long pieces of thin metal wire applied to a metal surface, place crushed colorful glass in the compartments, and then fire and polish the jewelry. The artisans repeat the application of glass and firing until the enameling is complete.

Many modern gypsy style earrings are enameled. The following are examples of enameled gypsy hoop styles:

  • Tribal-patterned hoops with blue enameling over surgical steel
  • Wide banded two-toned blue and red enameled gold hoops
  • Filigree half-moon copper hoops with black enameled post
  • Brass gypsy hoops with black enameling
  • Chandelier hoop earrings with enameled details
  • Colorful tile pattern enameled silvertone hoop earrings

Shopping for Gypsy Hoop Enamel Earrings

Shopping for gypsy-themed earrings is almost as much fun as wearing them. Go to resale shops, estate sales, and consignment shops to find vintage pieces. Art fairs are good places to find one-of-a-kind artisan pieces. However, the Internet can give you all of these options in your own home. Many jewelry artists and websites sell enameled gypsy hoop earrings.

Shop the following websites for gypsy hoop enamel earrings:

  • Bionic Unicorn: The Bionic Unicorn Etsy shop sells enameled hoops in a gypsy theme.
  • Macy's: Macy's offers a large selection of hoop earrings, including gypsy hoops.
  • Chico's : Chico's has many different types of hoop and dangle earrings for sale. The selection includes gypsy hoops.
  • Ebay : Ebay sellers often list vintage and modern gypsy hoops of various price ranges.

How to Wear Gypsy Hoop Earrings

Gypsy-themed enameled hoops can go with both casual and dressy clothes. Although they might be too much of a bold statement earring for a formal occasion, they work well for a dinner out or a night at the club. The size, enameling colors, and pattern can make some designs more versatile than others. For example, a plain pair of lightly tinted blue enamel earrings with a filigree pattern would go with jeans or a sundress, while a multicolored giant hoop earring might be more suitable for dancing in a fun miniskirt.

Here are some ideas on how to wear enameled gypsy hoop earrings:

  • Jewelry can be the main ornament on days that you prefer to ditch the makeup and pull your hair back in a ponytail. While you wear your favorite T-shirt and comfortable but cute jeans, you can put on a pair of gypsy hoops for an understated but fashionable style.
  • Walking at the beach? Put on a favorite sundress or a long, flowing skirt. Add a pair of gypsy hoops and look bohemian chic at the beach.
  • Can't decide what jewelry to wear with a little black dress? Wear a pair of bold gypsy style hoops as your only jewelry for a sultry sophisticated look.

There are many fun ways to wear gypsy hoops. Try the earrings with different clothes in your wardrobe to create fun and chic looks.

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Gypsy Hoop Enamel Earrings: Get That Bohemian Look