Non-Metal Rings Chat With Carrotbox Blog Creator

Nevada quartz ring
Nevada quartz ring

LoveToKnow welcomes Alice Matsumoto for The Carrotbox Ring Blog Interview. Alice's interest in fashion and a metal allergy led her to create The Carrotbox, a blog and shop specializing in hard-to-find, non-metal rings. Discover the story behind The Carrotbox and just how versatile, stylish and fun non-metal rings can be.

The Carrotbox Ring Blog Interview with Alice Matsumoto

Alice started The Carrotbox blog to help people find non-metal rings and expand her own personal ring collection. It grew to include a shop with an impressive collection of costume and artistic non-metal rings.

A Love of Non-Metal Jewelry Launched a Business

LoveToKnow (LTK): What got you interested in non-metal rings?

Alice Matsumoto (Matsumoto): My itchy fingers! I'd always been sensitive to silver earrings (even sterling), but several years ago, I even started to react to things like watches, the backside of the button on my jeans, and, of course, metal rings. Since I already owned one Lucite ring, I thought I'd just buy some more. Finding them turned out to be a bit of a challenge, however, and the hunt became a fun hobby.

Japanese Kimono ring

LTK: According to your website, your personal quest for non-metal rings led to the creation of The Carrotbox. What is the founding story of The Carrotbox site?

Matsumoto: At first, the main focus of the site was "the hunt" that I just mentioned - I had a gallery of my personal collection and kept a blog of rings I found. I'd had another blog for years at this point, so I guess starting a ring blog just seemed like a natural thing to do since daily writing was already something I was used to. I sold a few rings now and then, but as more and more people tried to buy from my personal collection or asked me how to start their own, eventually, the shop became a big focus too.

What The Carrotbox Offers Non-Metal Ring Lovers

LTK: What does The Carrotbox offer people who enjoy non-metal rings?

Matsumoto: That "yes!" moment. I've had so many people tell me that they're allergic to metals too and that my site was just what they needed. But the neat thing is that I get the same reaction from people without allergies. They'd never considered non-metal rings until they stumbled upon The Carrotbox, and it's like a whole new world opened up to them!

LTK: What do you look for in rings that you plan to sell on the site?

Matsumoto: Most importantly, I have to love it. If I can't get excited about a design, it's not something I want to carry. Quality and affordability are also key.

Linnea wooden ring

LTK: What type of material do you prefer a ring to be made out of and why?

Matsumoto: It depends on my mood, but I do think translucency is a very pretty quality. I tend to gravitate toward glass, resin, lucite, and quartz, which narrows it down to almost everything in my shop I suppose!

Alice's Ring Designs

LTK: You also design a line of lampwork glass rings available in The Carrotbox shop. Did you start designing jewelry before founding The Carrotbox or after? What other types of jewelry do you design?

Matsumoto: I started lampworking a few years after starting the site; I'd been wanting to learn forever and finally found a studio nearby. Before that, I had a bit of a necklace phase but nothing serious. I keep saying I should expand my focus but I just love rings too much to do anything but rings.

The Favorite Ring

LTK: Please describe your favorite ring.

Matsumoto: I could never choose just one, but the first that springs to mind is a glass ring I had custom-made by an artist in Japan. The colors are gorgeous (photos don't do it justice), and it makes me feel like I'm on a Caribbean beach.

Life Outside The Carrotbox

LTK: What types of things do you like to do when you are not working on The Carrotbox?

Matsumoto: I love cooking and traveling. Luckily, one of those two is something I can do on a daily basis.

Future Plans for The Carrotbox

LTK: What are your future plans for The Carrotbox?

Matsumoto: I'd love to set up a studio at home so I can devote more time to making my own rings. I want to be able to get working as soon as an idea pops into my head.

Hyperbole lampwork glass ring

For More Information on The Carrotbox

To see Alice's ring collection, read about her ring hunting adventures and to learn more about The Carrotbox ring blog, visit the official site. Customers can purchase rings in the shop section of the site.

Thank You, Alice!

LoveToKnow thanks Alice Matsumoto for participating in the Carrotbox Ring Blog interview and sharing the benefits and unique beauty of non-metal rings.

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Non-Metal Rings Chat With Carrotbox Blog Creator