Emerald Journey Pendant: Celebrate Your Adventures

Faceted emerald

An emerald journey pendant makes a great anniversary gift for those married during the month of May, the birthstone month for emerald. However, you don't need to have a May anniversary or birthday in order to enjoy this necklace.

About the Emerald Journey Pendant

The journey pendant arrived on the jewelry scene around 2006. It was created as a way to celebrate the journey a couple travels together. This sentiment quickly caught on, and couples all over the world celebrated their journey together with the gifting of this pendant on special occasions. The twisting design of the pendant is intended to represent the winding path of the couple's journey through life, and the beauty of facing life's challenges together. The number of stones, as well as the type of gemstones used in the pendant, can vary. The most popular pendant stone is diamond, but the design popularity has inspired jewelry designers to use other gemstones, such as emeralds.

The phases of the couple's life journey are represented by each of the gemstones. This gradation of stone size symbolizes how the love between these partners grows over time. The past, present and future are represented by three stones and are usually accompanied by four or more gemstones or diamonds. These stones take on specific meanings to each couple as a representation of their life experience together.

You can find several styles for an emerald journey necklace. Some follow the original design of the twisted curves, using only emerald gemstones. Others take this design and replace every other emerald with a diamond. Yet another style takes the journey necklace to a new level that divides the twisted curve from the stones. You'll find pendants crafted from 10K and 14K gold. Most of the journey pendants that you find come with a standard chain that you may wish to use. In some cases, however, you may want to add your own chain for a longer or shorter effect.

About Emeralds

For those wishing to give an emerald journey necklace for a birthday or wedding anniversary, it may help to know the meaning associated with this gemstone. The emerald has a long history of being a highly cherished gemstone, dating back to the famous emerald mines of Cleopatra. The emerald symbolizes success in love and prosperity for the wearer.

The emerald is considered to be one of the strongest gemstones; however, it's highly flawed, which causes weak areas. These flawed areas cannot handle the stress of an outer impact and will collapse along its inner fractures. These inner points of weaknesses can also prevent emeralds from forming into large carats often found in other gemstones. Of course, this also increases the value of larger-carat emeralds since they are rarer finds.

Most natural emeralds benefit from oil or wax treatments to fill some of the inner fractures. This can also assist in bringing out the color of the gemstone. Some gemstone cutters use colored epoxy instead as a way to reinforce the stone's inner structure. It's important to note that all three treatments are considered standard for the industry and should be indicated on the accompanying documentation of your stone.

As with any gemstone, the four Cs apply when shopping for an emerald: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The highest quality gem is typically a bright and vibrant color. While emeralds are found in a broad spectrum of greens, yellow-greens and blue-greens, the most common color for pendants created in the journey design are brilliant hues of green. Like all gemstones, the color and intensity of an emerald determine much of its value.

Shopping Can Be a Journey, Too

When you start looking for your emerald journey pendant, you'll find a wide variety of designs. Consider shopping at the following retailers:

How to Care for Your Pendant

You want to be sure that you take proper care of your pendant. The last thing you want to do is treat it with something that will harm the stone, especially if it's an enhanced stone. This type of treated stone often requires special cleaning care, so be sure to refer to any care instructions that come with your pendant.

For most emeralds, it's best not to use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. Sudden temperature changes can harm the gemstones, so avoid extreme cold and heat. Some of the chemicals used in cosmetics, such as hairspray and perfume, can damage your gemstone permanently. Keep your necklace away from household cleaners and other chemicals.

The best way to clean your necklace is with a soft cloth. If more vigorous cleaning is needed, consult with your jeweler or product instructions. With proper care, you pendant will be beautiful for decades to come.

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Emerald Journey Pendant: Celebrate Your Adventures