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Alex Fetanat, CEO of GemFind.com
Alex Fetanat, CEO of GemFind.com

LoveToKnow was thrilled to interview Alex Fetanat, CEO of GemFind.com in this elegant watches interview. He offered some valuable insight about what to look for in high end watches.

About Alex Fetanat

Luxury watch from GemFind.com
GemFind Luxury Watch

LoveToKnow (LTK): Thank you for taking the time to speak with us about gems and watches. How did you first get interested in gems?

Alex Fetanat (AF): After selling my computer company in 1994, I started traveling the world and when I arrived in Colombia , I was fascinated by emeralds and purchased a few pieces and brought them back to US. I wanted to make sure I got a good deal, so I took them to a few jewelers and their appraisals were twice as much as what I had paid for them. So, I thought if I go back and bring some more I can easily double my money. So I did that for about three years until we launched GemFind.

LTK: You are a member of the American Gem Society, CJA, AGTA and JIC, among others. Tell us a little about how membership in these organizations helps you with your work.

AF: These are excellent organizations within the jewelry industry where, through their shows or newsletters, you will get a vast knowledge of what's going on within the jewelry industry and can network with other members.

A Little More About GemFind.com

LTK: You're also the CEO of GemFind.com. Can you tell us a little about this company and the services offered?

AF: GemFind.com is a site we launched to help the jewelry industry obtain a vastly greater exposure to the online buyers by allowing them to sell their merchandise through our shopping cart. GemFind.com is also unique because it is the only online source for the consumer jewelry shoppers to search online and then visit a local jeweler to view the jewelry item selected online - in-person - they originally found on GemFind.com. It's called the "See It First Program" and we are the ones offering this program through our nationwide brick-and-mortar pre-approved jewelry store affiliates.

LTK: You've been in business over ten years. How has the company grown since its beginning?

AF: We have enjoyed steady growth over the years - luckily even in a down economy - and we have been able to increase our customer base by frequently upgrading to new and innovative online marketing tools and superior customer service.

What to Look for Portion of our Luxury Watches Interview

Men's Luxury Watch at GemFind.com
Men's Luxury Watch

LTK: What should our readers look for in a fine watch with gems? AF: When selecting a fine watch with gems - it is crucial consumers select a jeweler on or offline that is both reputable and has a large inventory - not just three or four watches to choose from. Also look for a jeweler that has a good return policy - we have an industry-leading 45 day return policy on items that are not custom. Don't let the jeweler "push" you towards one watch or another just because he is trying to move inventory. This is why it is often better to start looking online for a fine watch with gems. Visitors to GemFind.com can review a broad selection of leading fine watches on their own time-table - 24/7 - for as long as they want without pressure from a sales person. When it comes down to it, a reputable jeweler, larger inventory, good return policy - and then factor in the shopper's own personal taste and style - and you can't go wrong.

LTK: I noticed that you have a special section for watches on your website that is separate from the other jewelry. Why is this?

AF: Because watches are traditionally a separate category apart from other jewelry and gems. We naturally wanted to stay within this tradition - making the watch section of our online shopping site at GemFind.com more prominent so that the consumers can find them easily.

LTK: What watch are you wearing right now and why is it your favorite?

AF: I have a Rolex Daytona which I have had for several years. What I like about the Daytona is not only the fact it appreciates in value year after year, but also you can wear it casually as well as at formal parties and events - it has a fluid style.

Luxury Woman's Watch at GemFind.com
Luxury Woman's Watch

LTK: How can you tell if a pricey watch you're getting ready to purchase is real or a fake?AF: You have to make sure you buy your jewelry and watches from a reputable store, offline and online. If it's not a highly reputable jeweler - walk away.

LTK: Which watch brands do you recommend most highly?

AF: I like Rolex. The styles and designs are always classic - and a Rolex will always maintain and hold its value.

LTK: Many people are nervous about buying expensive watches online. What is your advice in this area?

AF: As I mentioned previously, it is of the utmost importance you buy from a reputable entity online that has a money-back guarantee as well as an excellent reputation and online rating.

LTK: Anything you'd like to add?

AF: GemFind.com has partnered with many top jewelry designers, wholesalers and retailers to bring the absolute best the jewelry industry can offer to the consumer and we stand behind every piece of merchandise we sell. We have top jewelry experts working with us - and we are a unique online jewelry store because we provide shoppers with the opportunity to shop online - and then see their selection in-person at their local pre-approved jeweler - before purchasing their selection at the low online price. GemFind.com is the only online jewelry store website providing this service - no one else has it. We take pride in helping the consumer find exactly what they're looking for - at the best dollar value.

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A Look at Elegant Watches With Expert