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How to Make Starburst Wrapper Bracelets: 11 DIY Steps

Adrienne Warber

Learning how to make Starburst wrapper bracelets can be fun. The colorful bracelets are popular among kids who enjoy crafts. This new take on the bubble gum wrapper bracelet is easy for anyone to make, even someone new to crafts. Find out how to make your own.

How to Make Starburst Wrapper Bracelets

Starburst bracelets are easy and fast to create. Many patterns are possible. You can make basic folded paper bracelets, design your own variations in how you fold the wrappers, or add decorative elements like beads. Here are instructions for making a basic woven rectangle bracelet, which is the easiest and most common type of Starburst bracelet.


  • 36 Starburst wrappers (Use fewer wrappers for smaller wrists.)
  • Safety pin fastener or two jump rings and a clasp

To prepare for making the jewelry, carefully unwrap the candies, flatten out the wrappers, and save them for the project.


  1. Place a candy wrapper on the table with the label face down, and smooth out the creases.
  2. Make a halfway fold on each side of the wrapper so that the long ends meet in the middle of the paper to create a long rectangle. This is also known as a hot dog fold, because the two sides of the paper meet like a hot dog bun.
  3. Fold the entire wrapper in half lengthwise.
  4. Make another lengthwise fold so that you have a long thin rectangle.
  5. Fold the wrapper in half top to bottom. The crease from this fold is the folding guide for the next step.
  6. Make a small fold from the top to meet halfway at the crease.
  7. Fold the bottom end of the wrapper to meet at the crease. You should now have a folded V shape.
  8. Repeat this pattern on each wrapper. Once all wrappers are folded into individual V shapes, it is time to start connecting the wrappers.
  9. Tuck the end of the first wrapper into the open folds of the second wrapper to interlock the V shapes.
  10. Insert a third wrapper into the folds of the second wrapper in the same manner. Continue this pattern until all the wrappers are connected.
  11. Fasten the ends of the bracelet together with a safety pin. If you prefer, you can use jump rings and a clasp instead. You can find jump rings and clasps at jewelry supply stores or craft stores.

Creating Your Own Bracelet Variations

You can get really creative with these bracelets. If you connect the wrappers with beading thread or cord, you can use beads to embellish the design. This works especially well if you fold the wrappers into small squares so that they resemble flat beads. For example, thread ten wrapper squares together, then add a disc-shaped bead, followed by a larger round bead and another disc-shaped bead. Add the next set of ten wrappers and the three beads, repeating the pattern until finished. Explore different pattern possibilities.

Repurpose Your Wrappers

Enjoy making candy wrapper jewelry. It is also a fun version of the friendship bracelet, so make some for your friends.

How to Make Starburst Wrapper Bracelets: 11 DIY Steps