Custom Jewelry Stamp Inspiration for Your Pieces

Jewelry stamp

A custom jewelry stamp is used to identify the designer or add a decorative element to a piece of jewelry.

About Jewelry Stamps

Stamping metal jewelry is a process that allows the designer to create unique pieces with custom inscriptions or decorative designs. Jewelers can stamp the actual piece of jewelry or design a tag that hangs from the piece. Any item can be stamped, as long as it is brass, copper, or silver. Some stamps are placed on the inside or back of the jewelry, while others are displayed prominently on the front.

Custom Jewelry Stamp Ideas

A jewelry stamp can be letters, numbers, or even a design. Some stamps are simple, such as the famous stamp used by Tiffany that simply reads "Tiffany and Co. 925." Other stamps are more elaborate and may contain a logo or a date. There is no set rule on how a stamp should look, since it is up to the designer of the piece. The following are some examples of what can be stamped onto a piece:

  • Designer's name
  • Date that piece was made
  • Custom-created decorative design, such as a flower or heart
  • Unique logo that identifies the designer
  • Metal content of the jewelry
  • Initials or name of the person who is to receive the jewelry

If you do not wish to stamp the jewelry itself, consider attaching a tag to the piece to add a special touch. Metal tags come in an array of shapes, such as heart, round, oval, and rectangle. To attach a tag, use a jewelry hole punch to create a hole that will be used to hang the tag from the jewelry. Tags can be attached to bracelets and necklaces with a jump ring.

Design Your Own Stamp

If you design your own jewelry, consider investing in a custom jewelry stamp. You can create custom stamps according to your specifications on sites such as Steel Hand Stamps or Infinity Stamps.

Metal stamping tool kits provide you with the option to create unique designs or even a signature logo. Most kits contain everything you need to create a custom stamp. Kits include hammers, needles, a hole punch, a steel block, and a stamp set that has letters, numbers, and often symbols.

Jewelry stamps come in several different versions:

  • A hand stamp is the simplest design. It is handheld and consists of a design that can be transferred to metal by striking the stamp with a hammer. The hand stamp resembles a nail and has a design on the end.
  • A bent ring stamp is used for marking the inside of rings. It is designed to slip through a ring, and once struck by a hammer, will transfer the image to the inside of the item.
  • A clay stamp is used to make detailed impressions on fine metal. This stamp can feature of the most intricate designs.

All of these stamps are ideal for at-home jewelry makers since they do not require elaborate equipment other than the piece of jewelry and a jewelry hammer. You can purchase stamping tools at craft stores and at sites online, such as the following:

Unique Designs for Personal Style

Whether you choose to display your stamped design on a metal tag or on the jewelry itself, it's fun to see your personalized logo or image adorning a piece. Have fun creating a design that uniquely represents your personal style.

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Custom Jewelry Stamp Inspiration for Your Pieces