Bottle Cap Necklaces: Unique Styles for Tweens

Bottle Caps
Create fun tween jewelry with bottle caps!

Bottle cap necklaces are fun, edgy pendants for tweens. Available in a wide range of styles with both vintage and modern looks, these inexpensive pieces of jewelry can coordinate with any young girl's personal style.

Designs of Bottle Cap Necklaces

At its simplest, a bottle cap pendant is exactly that: a metal bottle cap suspended as a pendant. There are actually many designs for these trendy necklaces, however. When choosing a bottle cap pendant, consider the following:

  • Necklace Length: The actual length of a bottle cap pendant can vary. A classic pendant style is the most popular, but choker necklaces are equally stylish.
  • Chain Style: Because of their rustic appeal, bottle caps are most often found on silk cord or ribbons, but necklaces can also be made from other materials. Dog tags, leather thongs, and ball chains with bottle caps are fun choices.
  • Interchangeable Pendants: While a single bottle cap pendant is stylish, the real popularity of these pieces of jewelry comes from their easy interchangeability. The bottle caps themselves may be swapped for different designs, or the interior of the bottle cap may be decorated with an easily changed magnetic piece for more flexibility and versatility.

The most important part of bottle cap jewelry is the bottle cap itself. Metal bottle caps are a fun size that can be easily customized with bright colors and crazy patterns. For some necklaces, the entire bottle cap may be decorated, while for others, the cap may simply be a convenient holder for a magnetized charm. Popular designs include the following:

  • Initials
  • Trendy phrases such as "BFF," "OMG," or "LOL"
disney bottle caps
  • Ladybugs, butterflies, or other colorful insects
  • Smiley faces
  • Princess symbols, such as crowns or scepters
  • Rainbows
  • Peace signs
  • Fun food like cherries, cupcakes, or ice cream
  • Flags
  • Animals
  • School colors and mascots
  • Popular movie themes like Twilight or Disney movies
  • Crosses or spiritual symbols
  • Hearts
  • Punk skulls
  • Sports symbols like soccer balls or gymnasts
  • Faux gems or jewels

There is no limit to the design options for trendy bottle cap jewelry, and many companies create personalized caps with names or favorite colors to make the jewelry even more unique.

Where to Buy Bottle Cap Jewelry

Because bottle cap necklaces are a hot trend, they are available from a number of retailers who specialize in tween fashion for girls ages 7-12. Bottle cap jewelry can be found in many stores, but online retailers may have a more extensive collection with more variety and personalization available. Popular retailers include the following:

The cost of bottle cap jewelry varies, but most necklaces are less than $10. This makes these fashion accessories both fun and affordable.

Making a Bottle Cap Pendant

While it can be easy to buy bottle cap pendants in a range of styles, it can be even more fun to make your own. Plain bottle caps are available from craft retailers or bottling companies, and craft-grade caps can be purchased in bulk for just pennies per cap. Vintage caps may also be available from thrift stores or antique dealers.

Caps can be made into necklaces in several ways. A split ring or eye ring can be glued or soldered to the cap so it can be strung along a cord, or the cap can be punctured and cord strung through the hole. Two holes are advisable so the cap will lay flat when worn, and punching the holes or attaching the rings should always be done under responsible adult supervision.

Decorating the caps is a fun craft project perfect for a children's party or youth event. Materials such as colored paints, stickers, glitter, faux gems, beads, and small cutout photos are easy and versatile items for decorating. After each cap's decoration is complete, the cap should be coated with two coats of clear acrylic to preserve the decoration and give it more durability. When dry, the cap is ready to be worn as a fashionable necklace.

Other Bottle Cap Jewelry

In addition to necklaces, bottle caps are popular accents for other fashion accessories for young girls. Barrettes, bracelets, hair bows, bottle cap earrings, and charms can all be made from bottle caps, and coordinating cap designs can create a fun and unique jewelry set any young girl will love.

Bottle cap necklaces are a fun and trendy jewelry choice for young girls. With many ways to personalize this inexpensive jewelry, there is a design perfect for any tween girl to love.

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