10 Best Places to Buy Discount Pearl Jewelry

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There are few jewelry items as classically elegant as a pearl necklace. The luminous beauty and simple style of pearls make them a sought-after accessory, but many people are discouraged by the price of these gems. If you're shopping for pearl jewelry on a budget, it helps to know where to get discounts.

Sources for Discounted Pearl Necklaces and Jewelry

Pearl jewelry ranges in price from under $20 for a pair of freshwater pearl earrings to well over $2,000 for a high-quality pearl necklace. No matter what your budget, you'll get more for your money if you shop for discounted jewelry.

Discounts for Exotic Pearl Jewelry

Pearls come in a variety of colors and shapes, and some exotic styles are very desirable. If you're shopping for colored pearls, South Sea pearls, or Tahitian pearls, the following websites offer great discounts:

  • Aloha Pearls - This site offers great discounts on black Akoya pearls, chocolate brown Tahitian pearls, and many other exotic varieties. You can also buy loose pearls here and have your local jeweler string them for you.
  • Pearl Paradise - A great source for exotic gold South Sea pearls, Pearl Paradise has deep discounts on some of the most popular pearl jewelry. Expect to save between 40% and 60% over manufacturers' suggested prices.
  • Pure Pearls - This is a great resource for shoppers of all budgets. You can save up to 80% on simple and affordable South Sea pearl pendants or splurge on long strands of black Tahitian pearls.

Discounts for Pearl Strands

When many people think of pearls, they think of classic pearl necklaces. Whether you're in the market for a choker-length strand of small pearls or an opera-length stunner, these sites will help you save:

  • CNE Pearls - This site sells cultured pearls from China. You can buy pearl strands in a variety of colors, sizes, and lengths, all at very affordable prices.
  • The Pearl Outlet - Offering discounts on beautiful pearl necklaces and other jewelry, The Pearl Outlet is a good source for that classic pearl necklace. This site also offers free shipping.
  • Pearlstrandwholesale.com - Providing wholesale deals on pearl necklaces, this site is a good resource for people interested in buying pearls in bulk.
  • American Pearl - This store specializes in discounted pearl necklaces and other jewelry. You'll find a great selection of designs in a range of sizes.

Discounts for Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

If you're on a budget, nothing beats freshwater pearls. Affordable and genuine, freshwater pearls are less uniform than other varieties. They are a great option for children's jewelry or for less formal pearl necklaces. You can find discounted freshwater pearl jewelry at the following retailers:

  • Amazon.com - As with many budget jewelry purchase, Amazon is a great source for discounts on freshwater pearls. You can find a wide variety of freshwater pearl designs for between $30 and $100.
  • Overstock.com - Offering discounts on designer jewelry, Overstock is a good place to look for freshwater pearl necklaces and other items. You'll find everything from freshwater pearl earrings to multiple-strand necklaces.
  • YouPearl - This discount pearl jewelry store offers significant deals on jewelry with freshwater pearls and will even email you when your favorite pieces go on sale.

More Affordable Sources for Pearl Jewelry

You can also find discounts on pearl necklaces locally. Try these ideas to help you save:

  • Check out the selection at your local consignment shop or pawn shop. You can often find deals on gently used pearl necklaces.
  • Consider vintage pearl jewelry. Many of these designs are classic, and they are sometimes more affordable than new jewelry.
  • Shop at local jewelry stores during their clearance sales, which often occur after Valentine's Day.

Know What You're Buying

Before you purchase any discount jewelry item online or in a local store, make sure you know what you're buying. Educate yourself about the basics of pearl jewelry, and always have any high-end pieces appraised by an outside jeweler.

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10 Best Places to Buy Discount Pearl Jewelry