Wood Saints Charm Bracelets to Express Your Faith

Wooden Saints Charm Prayer Bracelets

Wearing wooden saints charm prayer bracelets is a way of showing your strong devotion to your faith and your religious beliefs.

About Wooden Saints Charm Prayer Bracelets

A type of religious jewelry worn by many people of the Catholic faith, wooden saints charm bracelets consist of small flat wooden rectangular or oval beads, each with a picture of a saint on the top. Generally the pictures are laminated or sealed with clear coatings that resist damage from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The coating helps ensure that the pictorial representation of the religious icons will last for many years.

The most popular types of wood used in making these lovely religious bracelets includes:

  • Brazilian cherry
  • Brazilian black wood
  • Mahogany

The wooden block beads range in size from approximately 1/2 inch to 2 inches in height. There are generally between 10 to 15 wooden pictorial blocks on each bracelet. In addition to the wooden block charm beads, some bracelets also have added hanging religious items such as medals, crosses or angels.

Bracelet Styles

There are two main styles of wooden charm prayer bracelets, those strung on elastic and those strung on cord. Most wooden saints bracelets attach together with two or three separate strips of elastic threaded through holes in the sides of the wooden block beads. Between each large block bead a small round bead is placed on each of the elastic bands as separators between the saint charms. The round beads can be the same type of wood as the larger beads or they can be silver or gold colored to compliment the wood. Made in two basic sizes, 2 1/2 inches and 7 inches before stretching, these bracelets are worn by adults and children. When stretched this style saints charm bracelet accommodates most wrist sizes.

The wooden beads on the cord style prayer bracelet are strung onto a folded piece of cord long enough for all the beads with an extra piece of cord on the end. The flat block beads are strung onto both pieces of cord with round spacer beads in between. The extra cord is looped through the opposite end of the bracelet and tied when worn making it adjustable in length to fit wrists of many sizes.

Types of Wooden Saints Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets that depict saints on wooden block beads are made of various combinations of saints. Some bracelets honor only one saint and only have pictures of that saint. Other bracelets only have female or male saints, saints from a specific country or saints in combination with pictures of Mary and Jesus.

The following are examples of these beautiful Christian bracelets:

  • A beautiful stretch style bracelet in both dark and light wood featuring Patron Saints and hanging religious medals.
  • Assorted styles of wooden saints prayer bracelets.

Where to Find Wooden Saints Bracelets Online

Devotional wooden saints bracelets are moderately priced, ranging from approximately $4 to $15. A wide variety of these beautiful and inspirational prayer bracelets are offered online. The following is a sampling of the websites carrying these religious bracelets:

When you wear a wooden saints charm prayer bracelet, you are displaying an outward sign of faith that symbolizes your strong commitment to your religion.

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Wood Saints Charm Bracelets to Express Your Faith