White Wicker Jewelry Armoire: Why You Need One

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A white wicker jewelry armoire is a perfect jewelry storage solution for Americana, country, and cottage chic décor. Timeless in appeal and beautiful in their handcraft, wicker armoires are an heirloom piece of furniture that will last through generations.

If you collect jewelry or accessories, you most certainly need to store it. Jewelry boxes can vary from traditional woods and shell to handcrafted wicker. Choosing a jewelry armoire that suits your personal décor is a wise choice. Most jewelry cabinets and chests cost a pretty penny and are a long term investment. If you have an undecided sense of style, consider your lifestyle and décor needs. While wood is beautiful and warm to the touch, wicker is airy, beachy and traditional.

Benefits of Storing Jewelry

Storing jewelry in a covered armoire has many benefits. Stored silver and gold jewelry tends to oxidize at a slower rate, preserving the finish. Storing your metal jewelry in a closed cabinet or armoire will preserve its polish with little effort.

  • Stored jewelry is organized and easily accessible, no more looking for a missing earring or untangling long chains.
  • Storing jewelry protects precious metals and fine gemstones from dust and dirt.
  • Stored jewelry is kept safe from accidents and loss.
  • Stored jewelry is kept out of sight. The risk of theft is greatly decreased when jewelry is hidden or concealed.
  • Jewelry cabinets often add a much needed design element to a room. Wicker and wood armoires add a decorator touch to bedrooms and baths.

History of Wicker

The oldest known piece of wicker dates back to Egypt in 3000 B.C. Since then, woven wicker has been a popular material in constructing patio furniture, baskets, tables, bassinets, and jewelry armoires. Although wicker has an ancient past, it's life in the United States is fairly young. In Massachusetts in the year 1850, a gentleman named Cyrus Wakefield stumbled across a bundle of sturdy wicker and rattan that was used to tie back cargo on ships arriving from Asia. Intrigued by the strength and durability of the reeds, Mr. Wakefield envisioned chairs and tables woven from the material. Although Mr. Wakefield was a successful grocer in the town of South Reading, Massachusetts, he envisioned the reuse of the wicker canes found on the ship and eventually sold his small grocery store to venture into the wicker weaving craft. His company, Wakefield Wicker, soon became a household name. The town of South Reading was eventually renamed Wakefield, Massachusetts, in honor of Cyrus Wakefield.

Wicker styles vary from traditional, country and Victorian designs. Victorian wicker is heavily ornate and scrolled, while traditional wicker is clean lined with simple curvatures. The natural canes of wicker add a sense of warmth and character to any room. White wicker is often associated with the Victorian era and eludes a send of romance and charm perfect for jewelry cabinets and armoires.

woman making wicker baskets

Caring for Wicker

Wicker is a durable woven reed that will last for years if well maintained. While a white wicker jewelry armoire will most likely be kept indoors, it is still important that you care for and treat the wicker appropriately to maintain it's natural beauty.

Care: Wicker should be cleaned regularly with a slightly damp cloth to remove debris and dust. Often times wicker can be cleaned with a vacuum brush attachment. Keep wicker indoors out of the sunlight. Avoid getting wicker wet. Once the wicker reeds are moistened, they rot easily and the structure of the wicker piece begins to deteriorate.

Where to Buy White Wicker Jewelry Armoires

When shopping for wicker jewelry boxes and armoires, seek out reputable wicker manufacturers. Wicker weaving is an age old craft, and the finer the construction the longer the piece will last. If you intend to pass down your jewelry cabinet through generations, consider a stamped piece of wicker for an added sense of value and historical reference.

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