White Horn Earrings: 4 Keys to Consider

Buffalo have black horn; white horn jewelry is often actually made from bone.

With the focus on organic, many people are turning to natural jewelry such as white horn earrings. Health concerns lead many people to natural material jewelry. Nickel allergies are common and nickel is used in many mass produced jewelry items. With such concerns, the popularity of natural materials, such as horn or bone has increased dramatically in recent years.

Materials Used in White Horn Earrings

There are many variations, shapes and types of horn earrings and jewelry. The horns of water buffalo are actually black; the white horn-shaped earrings are often made from bone and molded into a horn shape. Horn itself is made mostly of keratin, which is a protein. This type of protein is also found in nails, claws, hooves and hair. It is made up of different properties than bone and has a different density and durability. Over 90 percent of horn is black and only about 10 percent is brown. Horns that are reddish-brown, green, or other colors have been bleached and colored. The bleaching and coloring can break down the protein in the horn and create problems later where the finish will become dull or the material will not hold up long-term. This does not apply to bone, which is naturally white or off-white and will hold up well with a high sheen.

Style Ideas

Those who are living an organic lifestyle or are allergic to nickel may want to purchase white horn earrings with natural posts. These are typically simple hoop earrings with a small thin piece of horn or bone which attaches the hoop to the pierced ear. This way, only the bone or horn comes into contact with the skin.

Another option is to purchase earrings that look like small white horns but are actually made of Lucite or another material such as man-made plastic. This can also create a cost effective solution to the more expensive natural products. This style of earring typically has a horn-shaped, white earring dangling from a silver hoop style post. However, there are many styles and options for this design. The horn may also be attached to a simple post or left to dangle from chains. One or more horns may be used for each earring, creating a wide variety of styles.

Miriam Haskell offers a necklace with horn-shaped pearls and many retailers offer knockoffs with a similar look and style. This is a great option for someone who wants a classy look with a more modern edge. Pearls are associated with class and distinction but the unusual shape adds style and uniqueness.


Costs can vary widely, depending upon where the earrings are from and what material is used to make them. Lucite knock-offs can be found for as little as $3.50 on eBay, and natural horn or bone for as much as $45.00 in finer jewelry stores, with prices everywhere in between. If you want organic earrings, then your best bet is to purchase them from a reputable jeweler so you can be sure of the source of the material used in producing the white horn earrings.

Where to Buy

If you want the white horn earring look without the high price, then try the following retailers for the style made with alternative materials.

If you are looking for natural materials, then try local jewelry stores and the following online retailers:

Whether you decide to spend a little more and buy natural horn or bone or you choose a man-made material, white horn earrings will become a standard accessory in your jewelry wardrobe, practical for everyday or formal events.

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White Horn Earrings: 4 Keys to Consider