White Gold Harp Necklace: What Makes It Unique?

Harp neclace

A white gold harp necklace is a delicate and highly symbolic piece of jewelry suitable for many different occasions and individuals.

Symbolism of Harps

The harp is a stringed musical instrument with many layers of symbolism. Because of its graceful curves and lilting music, harps are often associated with angels and religious ceremonies. Harps also enjoy a special status in Scottish, Irish, and Celtic cultures, where they are used for traditional folk music and have even become powerful political and royal symbols (the harp is the official symbol of the National University of Ireland). Throughout the United Kingdom, in fact, harps are associated with royalty and status, in part because the instruments themselves must be meticulously crafted and are works of art for both the eye and the ear. Owning a harp, then, requires a significant financial investment, just as successfully playing one requires a fine ear and much musical talent.

Because harps are part of so many cultures, there are many types of harps to choose from. A lyre is the antique U-shaped simple harp, while the grand harp is the familiar freestanding instrument that may have several layers of strings for intricate musical scores. Harps may be simple instruments or can be delicately inlaid with filigree patterns that add to their beauty and richness, any of which may be replicated in a piece of harp jewelry.

Giving a Harp Necklace

Harps represent a gentle nature, compassion, peace, tranquility, and beauty. Many people give harp necklaces as gifts for a first communion or baptism, or simply as a special gift for anyone musically inclined. They are also popular among poets and artists as well as different types of musicians and choir singers.

Why White Gold?

Both yellow and white gold harps can be easily found, but many people prefer white gold because it emphasizes the harp's purity and simplicity. At the same time, it can be difficult to find white gold variations of many harp designs, and interested individuals may need to contact specialty jewelers for custom white gold designs. Sterling silver harps are fairly easy to find and also far less expensive than other precious metals although silver does tend to tarnish more quickly and may be less durable.

White Gold Harp Necklace Designs

There are many variations of harps available as necklaces as well as brooches, earrings, and charms. The simple lyre and the stylized grand harp are the most common although the proportions and sizes of different designs can vary greatly. Some may only feature a vague harp shape while others are detailed enough to separate each individual string with delicacy and precision. Some necklaces put the harp in an angel's hands, further emphasizing the instrument's peaceful and spiritual connections.

Many harp pendants are simple designs without elaborate embellishments, but some designs do feature filigree detailing. More expensive designer models may have pave set diamonds inside the harp outline or along its structure while personalized harps can use birthstones as accents either inside the harp or along its edges.

Finding Harp Necklaces

White gold harp necklaces can be a challenge to find, but fortunately white gold harp charms are much more readily available. Charms can then be mounted on white gold or sterling silver chains to create an instant necklace, while black, silver, or white silk cords are another option for simple necklaces. Harp designs can be found in specialty boutiques and music stores while the following online jewelry stores also offer harp designs:

Harp charms and necklaces range in price from less than $20 for inexpensive, basic designs to more than $500 for harps fashioned from precious metals and gemstones.

Other Musical Motifs

 Musical instrument charms
Musical instrument charms

If a harp design isn't quite right, there are many other musical instruments and symbols available as both charms and white or yellow gold necklaces, such as:

  • Guitars
  • Flutes
  • Snare Drums
  • Treble Clefs
  • Bass Clefs
  • Eighth Notes
  • Pianos
  • Violins
  • Saxophones

Any of these beautiful designs would make a treasured gift for music lovers, regardless of what music they may enjoy.

Delicate and Beautiful

White gold harp necklaces are delicately beautiful pieces of jewelry that clearly symbolize the peace and harmony associated with the fine instrument. With many different designs available in a range of prices, anyone can find just the right harp to represent their special song.

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