What Is in Your Soul Locket: 5 Charm Types

soul locket

The what is in your soul locket and its cousin the what is in your heart locket have found their way around the necks of oodles of women in recent months. Read on to find out what makes them unique!

What Is It?

So what exactly is a soul locket? The beauty of this type of jewelry is that it's different for different people. The phrase "what is in your soul?" is engraved on the back of this pendant that's shaped like a circle with a clear center that can be opened. Tiny charms that are meaningful to the locket's owner can be placed in the center so that they can be seen when the locket is worn. A what is in your heart locket is similar, but is shaped like a heart instead of a circle.

About Lockets

How are soul lockets different from ordinary lockets? Lockets have been around for hundreds of years, though the soul locket has taken them in a new direction. Like the soul locket, the classic locket can be opened and objects placed inside. Traditionally, lockets hold a picture of a loved one or sometimes a lock of hair from a loved one rather than charms. Also, lockets are generally not transparent like the soul locket, but have a solid metal front and back that conceal the special item inside.

Styles of What Is in Your Soul Lockets

A what is in your soul locket is a good choice for someone who thinks hearts are too cutesy. These lockets can be a larger size that can display several charms or a smaller size that can fit a few well chosen small charms. They are most often seen on necklaces, however they are also available as keychains and bracelets.

Types of Charms

The charms that are displayed in the locket are intended to reflect what is important or meaningful to the locket's owner. They could be the owners jewel encrusted, sterling silver initials or the cubic zirconia birthstones of her children. They could represent a personal belief, like a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon or just a favorite beverage, like a margarita.

Here's a sampling of the charms currently available for soul lockets:

  • Birthstones - These are cubic zirconia stones that are colored to look like the gemstone that represents the birth month. They can be round or heart shaped.
  • Cubic Zirconia and Gold - These are gold charms embedded with clear cubic zirconia stones. These charms are available in different fun shapes to represents the wearer's interests or personality, including a tennis racket, purse, crown and more.
  • Cubic Zirconia and Silver - Just like they sound, these charms are made from silver and are embedded with clear or colored cubic zirconia stones. There are more silver charms to choose from than gold, such as a dog bone, cubic zirconia flower, fleur de lis, letters, a heart with black stones and more.
  • Enamels - This category offers the widest variety of charms - everything from a coffee cup to a cell phone.
  • Gold and Silver - Charms made from gold or silver are always stunning - whether its a classic flower or a beach flip flop.

Share Your Soul

These lockets are a beautiful way to express yourself.

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