Venezia Coin Bracelet Styles for an Italian Touch

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A Venezia coin bracelet is a lovely addition to your jewelry collection. Whether you are looking for a coin item of jewelry to remember a special holiday or simply as a piece of casual jewelry, there are many options to choose from.

Venice, or in Italian Venezia, is a city with a long and vibrant history. The city is actually a series of islands and is well known for the famous canals that form the main way to travel around the city. Venice was founded in the Middle Ages and has played an important part in European history. Today, Venice is a popular tourist destination and people like to mark their visit with a souvenir. Jewelry is a popular souvenir and a Venezia coin bracelet is a lovely memento of a special trip.

Types of Venezia Coin Bracelet

The currency in Italy today, as in most of Europe, is the euro. When people refer to Venezia coins, however, they are more likely to be talking about vintage and antique coins. Many old coins, such as the ducat, were made from gold and these are highly collectible. While many original genuine antique gold Venezia coins command a very high price, replicas are common and these are ideal for wearing as jewelry. Many gold replica coins or coin style beads are incorporated into bracelet designs. These look stunning when worn as charms as the large discs catch and reflect the light.

If you are looking for a Venezia coin bracelet then options include:

  • Charms: One option is to wear Venezia coins as charms from a charm bracelet. There are many advantages to this style of bracelet. One of the main advantages is that the bracelet becomes a unique item of jewelry as different charms are purchased to mark trips and celebrations. Coin charms are real or replica coins which have been drilled with a hole at the top. A jump ring is threaded through this hole and this allows the coin to be attached to a bracelet.
  • Set coins: Coins can be set into special settings and these are then formed into items of jewelry such as rings, bracelets and pendants. This is a particularly good option for very expensive or collectible coins as the setting helps to protect the coin against every day wear and tear.
  • Linked coins: Another coin bracelet variation is a bracelet that is formed from linked coins. The coins are drilled at either side and then joined together with small rings and sometimes beads. This is a stylish piece of jewelry that complements many styles.

Buying Venezia Coins and Jewelry

The best place to buy Venezia coins and coin jewelry is Venice and other large cities in Italy. Specialist stores sell a wide range of antiques, including coin jewelry. Jewelry and fashion stores have a plethora of high fashion jewelry items and often feature coin bracelets. If a trip to Italy is not on the cards, however, then an alternative is to look online. Large auction websites such as eBay offer a selection of jewelry items from acround the world. Italian speakers may also find the Italian eBay website, of interest.

Alternatives to Venezia coin jewelry include coins from other countries and eras. Many different coins are available. Another popular choice includes Grecian coin bracelets.

Other Coin Jewelry

In addition to bracelets, coins are also used extensively in other other jewelry designs. Anklets with coin beads are popular as are coin necklaces and earrings. These look stunning when combined with a coin bracelet.

A coin item of jewelry, such as a bracelet, can make a unique addition to a jewelry collection. The range of different options available means that people can select a design that meets their own individual style.

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Venezia Coin Bracelet Styles for an Italian Touch