Unique Beaded Necklaces: 3 Keys to Buying One

Beaded Necklaces

A unique beaded necklace can bring something a little special to your jewelry collection.

With so many wonderful items of jewelry readily available from jewelry stores and gift shops it can sometimes be difficult to find something a little different. Beaded jewelry often presents the opportunity to find unique items of jewelry. The wide selection of different bead types means that there is an almost endless source of ideas and inspiration for a bead artist.

Necklaces are the mainstay of most jewelry collections. These are typically the largest item of jewelry and other items such as earrings, bracelets and even rings are matched to a necklace. One of the features of a necklace is the fact that it can range in size and style from a beaded choker which fits snuggly around the neck to a long dangling necklace which can be worn wrapped around the neck several times or left to hang free.

How to Choose a Beaded Necklace

Given the wide selection of choices of necklace type and beads, the bead artist is able to create unique one of a kind necklaces. When buying a beaded necklace there are a few things to consider:


With the almost inexhaustible range of choices available, setting a budget early on is important. This helps you define what you can afford and ensures that the excitement of the buying occasion doesn't result in breaking the bank!

The cost of a beaded necklace will depend largely on two aspects; the cost of the materials and the number of hours it takes to make. Semi precious stones and precious metals such as gold and silver will cost more than plastic and base metals. Likewise a necklace that only takes a few minutes to string will cost less than an intricate item that has taken perhaps several hours to create.

To set a budget take a look at some online stores to get an idea of the cost of your favorite jewelry styles. There are a variety of specialist beaded jewelry stores to check out. These are some to start with:

Beaded jewelry isn't always as expensive as it looks and buying direct from an independent bead artist can sometimes be cost effective as they do not have the large overheads of bigger firms.

Type of Bead

Black Glass Bead Necklaces

There are so many different types of bead to choose from that sometimes it can seem daunting. The choice will depend on the style of the necklace. Large irregular beads give an informally stylish look which is completely different look and finish to tiny regular pearls. Funky colored plastic beads, again, look entirely different to classic gemstones. Many beaded necklaces are made from glass beads and hand made lamp formed beads make an absolutely stunning addition to any necklace.

Natural materials such as shells, nuts and seeds are also very popular and each one has its own unique markings and shape.


Deciding on a style is an important part of finding a unique beaded necklace. Do you want a dramatic piece that makes a bold statement, or a more delicate understated necklace which hints at classic styling.

There are some practical aspects to consider regarding the style of a necklace. Shorter necklaces can be more practical for some people who may find a long necklace gets caught up in things. Young children also find long necklaces irresistible and will often try to grab them. Shorter more understated necklaces are more practical for every day wear. However saying that, if the necklace is for special occasion wear then why not be as dramatic and flamboyant as you desire!

Buying Unique Beaded Necklaces

Unique items of jewelry can be found in jewelry stores, however the best place to find something truly different is from bead artists and artisan jewelers. Their work can be found for sale at craft galleries and markets, and are often found in specialist jewelry stores that specialize in unique jewelry. Bead artists use many different techniques including wire wrapping.

Specialist websites such as Etsy.com sell hand crafted items and are certainly worth investigating. Many bead artists also have their own website, as listed above.

Unique beaded necklaces are an ideal way to demonstrate individuality and to own an original item of jewelry.

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Unique Beaded Necklaces: 3 Keys to Buying One