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Replica of Bella's engagement ring on
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Bella’s Ring

Whether you fantasize about becoming an immortal vampire or you prefer the passion of ageless werewolves, there are many different Twilight jewelry options you can choose from to show your passion about Stephanie Meyer's Twilight book series. One of the most popular pieces of Twilight jewelry is Bella's engagement ring, a beautiful vintage ring with delicate filigree and sparkle appropriate to the early 1900s - Edward's lifetime.

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Edward Ring

As Bella must make a choice between Edward and Jacob in New Moon, legions of Twilight fans split into Team Edward and Team Jacob factions to show their allegiance. The Team Edward ring is a bold band with "Team Edward" discreetly etched into the surface in a gothic font.

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Team Jacob

If you prefer to support the werewolves, you'll be interested in a Team Jacob ring. Similar to the Team Edward ring, this ring is also etched but in a different font and with a wolf's paw print in place of the "o" in Jacob.

Bite me charm for Bella's bracelet on
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Theme Charms

Twilight fans can find a range of themed charms that coordinate with the Twilight books. Bella's truck, sayings like, 'Bite Me,' an apple, chess towers, wolves, hearts, initials, Volterra castle, Esme's island, and other charms are all available to create a custom bracelet with a Twilight theme.

Gothic garnet ring on
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Blood Ring

A gothic style ring with a blood red stone is an abstract piece of jewelry that relates to vampires, particularly to the Volturi.

Wooden wolf charm
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Wolf Charm

If you are making your own Twilight charm bracelet, this wooden wolf charm is the perfect addition and resembles the carved charm Jacob presented to Bella. She exclaimed over its realism, and that charm became one of Bella's most treasured possessions.

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Wolf Pendant

While not an official Twilight piece of jewelry, this howling wolf totem pendant is perfect for any werewolf lover, and is even more popular because it is not an obvious - and easy - choice for die hard fans.

Lion and lamb pendant on
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Quote Pendants

Show your love of Twilight with a pendant that expresses a quote from the book. There are a variety of styles available, including broken heart pendants so you can wear one half, and your fellow Twilight enthusiast can wear the other half.

Gothic choker on
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Gothic Jewelry

If you love Twilight but prefer more subtle jewelry, opt for Gothic designs that evoke the sense of romance, mystique, and power of the vampires without being officially licensed merchandise. Beaded pendants, earrings, and carved rings are all suitable choices.

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Twilight Jewelry Pictures