Beginners Guide to Turquoise Cross Necklaces

Turquoise cross necklace

About Turquoise

Valued highly and treasured, turquoise has been a popular gemstone used for jewelry. This stone has a unique blue color and veining. Each stone is a piece of art in its own way. Turquoise can vary in color from light blue to green. There is also a range of quality for turquoise and much of today's stones are often enhanced for appearance. Turquoise can be used for rings, earring and necklaces. It can be used alone or mixed with other gemstones.Turquoise is a common stone seen in Southwestern style jewelry but over the years has gained popularity and is seen in trendier pieces. It can be worn season after season and adds a fresh feel to any outfit.

Turquoise Cross Necklace Styles

Cross jewelry remains a popular choice. Not only for religious reasons, but is also a trend seen in fashion today. A turquoise cross necklace is something that can be given as a special gift as well as something you may give yourself. There are a wide range of turquoise cross necklaces to choose from. Some are traditional while others are more contemporary. Some styles to check out include:

  • Navajo Turquoise Cross Pendant: Turquoise ovals are bezel set on this hammered sterling silver cross. It comes with a bead chain, but there's an option to purchase it with a desert pearl strand instead.
  • Whirling Feathers Cross Necklace: Sterling silver feathers form the beams of the cross on this unusual necklace, and it's set in the center with a cabachon oval turquoise.
  • Swirling Cross with Turquoise Necklace: The rhodium-plated cross base is antiqued and detailed with swirls and dots. The center oval is made from reconstituted turquoise, and the piece is coated in a Montana Armour protective finish to help keep it looking like new.

Caring for Turquoise

Like with any other gemstone, turquoise jewelry requires proper care to maintain its natural beauty. You should always store your turquoise in a jewelry box separately from other stones that can easily can scratch turquoise. Some chemicals can discolor turquoise so be careful when applying perfume or makeup. Never use harsh jewelry cleaners to clean your turquoise jewelry since they can easily damage or discolor the stone. To clean, simply use a soft brush and water.

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Beginners Guide to Turquoise Cross Necklaces