Trollbeads: The Interchangeable Accessory for Any Look

Troll Beads
Interchangeable Beads

Troll Beads or Trollbeads are a type of bead known as interchangeable beads.

About Interchangeable Beads

Interchangeable beads are an interesting concept and one that is growing in popularity. They are unique as they allow customers to create their own items of jewelry by picking beads and charms from a range of styles and threading onto a silver or gold chain making their own unique pieces of jewelry. These form items of jewelry that are very much a contemporary take on traditional charm bracelets. Traditional charm bracelets are made up from individual charms, each marking an occasion, telling a story, or giving a special memory. Interchangeable beads allow customized items of jewelry to be created with each bead having a special significance.

There a many different types of beads meaning that they are appropriate for many tastes and styles. Owners of interchangeable beads can re-thread their jewelry as often as they require changing the look and feel of a necklace or bracelet.

Interchangeable beads such as Troll Beads are made from a wide variety of materials. Popular beads are made from precious metals such as silver and gold, hand formed glass and gemstones.

Troll Beads or TrollBeads

One of the most famous manufacturers of interchangeable beads is Trollbeads (sometimes known as Troll Beads).

Trollbeads have a range of over 300 interchangeable beads and charms. The beads are strung onto chain. At one time it was necessary to use a pair of pliers to remove the jump ring to thread the beads. This is now no longer the case as clasps are sold which can be removed from the chain without the need for any special equipment. This is by the means of a clasp that is basically a double ended lobster clasp. Customers are able to choose different clasps, ranging from the classic to more contemporary or decorative styles. The chains, claps and beads are all sold individually.

While TrollBeads are gaining in popularity, they are not a new company. In fact the company was started in 1976 in Denmark, where it still has its headquarters. The beads are sold internationally both on the internet (see below) and also from jewelry and gift stores.

Other Manufacturers of Interchangeable Beads

There are other companies making interchangeable beads, another company is Pandora Beads. While both companies make their beads from high quality materials such as silver, 14 carat gold, glass and gemstones, they differ slightly in the way that the beads and charms are strung. Both companies design and introduce new beads frequently, and 'retire' old beads, thus keeping the ranges fresh.

Pandora Beads

Pandora beads have been selling beads in the US since 2002. Pandora have a range of over 600 beads and charms. Interestingly Pandora are another Scandinavian company, with the beads being designed in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The patented Pandora system, allows beads and charms threaded onto individual sections. These sections can be extended to make longer items of jewelry. Each bead has an internal thread that allows it to be screwed or twisted onto a section of the bracelet or necklace.

Note: Pandora beads can also be used on a Trollbeads bracelet. They will slide on a Trollbeads bracelet without twisting. Trollbeads will NOT fit on a Pandora bracelet.

Looking After Interchangeable Beads

It is important to look after your interchangeable bead system to ensure years of wear. There are some simple steps you can take to help look after them.

  • Check joins regularly to ensure that there is no sign of wear and tear.
  • Be careful not to force beads into place.
  • Only use interchangeable beads as recommended.
  • Keep beads clean using recommended cleaner, this will keep the jewelry looking fresh and bright.

Interchangeable beads make great gifts, and once someone starts to collect these beads, present buying becomes easier! Christmas, holidays, birthdays and all other special occasions can be marked by one of these beads, building up highly personal items of jewelry.

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Trollbeads: The Interchangeable Accessory for Any Look