11 Shops to Get Toe Rings & Sizing Tips for Your Toes

Silver toe rings

Edgy and unique, toe rings are a great statement-making piece of body jewelry. They are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes -- from inexpensive, acrylic rings to higher priced styles created in gold and silver and embellished with gemstones.

What's Hot in Toe Jewelry?

Whether you're into something fun, flirty, and feminine for your feet, or just want a simple shining addition to your toes, there is a huge assortment of styles available to fit your look, style, and mood. Some of the most popular looks can be found at the following online merchants:

Eve's Addiction

Eve's Addiction has a vast selection of toe rings in sterling silver, such as the following styles:

Body Candy Body Jewelry

If you want a more elegant toe ring, consider Body Candy Body Jewelry's selection of toe rings. You can choose from styles that are classic, such as the Solid 14K Two Toned Gold Toe Ring, or ones that are more elaborate, such as the Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Encrusted Heart Toe Ring.


Etsy features an ever-changing selection of stretch toe rings. They come in a range of cute styles including:

  • Tiaras
  • Beads
  • Roses
  • Red cherries
  • Hearts
  • Animals such as dogs, horses, alligators and frogs

More Shopping Options

Since toe rings remain a popular choice, it's not a problem finding one. Shopping for toe rings can be just plain fun. If you don't find enough selection from your local jewelry store, check out online stores. The following online retailers sell ankle, toe, and foot jewelry:

You can also find jewelry for your tootsies at sites like Amazon.com, Overstock.com, and eBay.

Finding Your Size

In recent years, online jewelry shopping has expanded tremendously. Even though they're quickly gaining popularity, toe rings are still largely sought after on the Internet due to unavailability or small selection in brick-and-mortar stores. Although return policies vary from merchant to merchant, it's best to have accurate sizing for your toe rings when you place online orders.

For second toe wear, women commonly choose a size three or four, while average sizing for males is five or six. In order to get an accurate measurement of your toe for ring sizing, simply wrap a piece of string or slip of paper around the toe. After marking the size, place the string or paper flat against a ruler and mark the number of inches or millimeters.

Some websites, such as Footcandy, have a downloadable sizing tool you can print. You simply measure the desired toe, and the corresponding size is what you would order.

Toe Tips

Wearing toe rings is a fun way to perk up your feet. Not only may a bit of shine and sparkle hide imperfections, rings on the toes also add appeal in a striking yet subtle way. Whether you're a teen or way beyond, toe rings can work for you. When wearing a toe ring, make sure your toes are prepared for their rings. You will also want to clean your toe rings after each wear according to the manufacturers' instructions. With proper care, you'll get lots of use out of your new toe jewelry.

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11 Shops to Get Toe Rings & Sizing Tips for Your Toes