Tiny Hematite Stud Earrings: Types & Tips

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Tiny hematite stud earrings are a surprisingly versatile form of jewelry. They look great when teamed with both formal and casual outfits making them an ideal addition to your jewelry box.

Hematite is often overlooked when people are seeking stylish gemstone jewelry and it is often underrated. This is a shame, as when hematite is set into stylish designs it can make stunning items of jewelry.

What is Hematite?

Hematite is an unusual gemstone. It is dark gray in color and is opaque. Unlike gemstones that sparkle, hematite has an oily shine. Hematite is often cut into cabochon shapes and this helps to show of the unique nature of the stone. Hematite has long been used in jewelry and examples of hematite jewelry have been found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians.

Types of Tiny Hematite Stud Earrings

Hematite is particularly effective when set in a white metal such as silver or white gold. The cool white of the metal contrasts with the metallic sheen of the hematite to give a stunning effect. This means that hematite is found in a wide range of jewelry price bands. There are many different types and styles of tiny hematite stud earrings available. These include:

  • Ball studs - one very popular style of hematite stud earring is the ball stud. These are tiny beads of hematite that are set into a cup setting. They can be anything from completely round through to half round and can look very effective.
  • Shaped studs - a variation on the ball stud style of earring is shaped studs. These are earrings that are made using hematite that has been formed into tiny shapes such as stars or hearts. These shaped studs look attractive when worn in a matched pair, however they can also be effective when two different shapes are are worn, for instance a sun and a moon.
  • Studs with drops - stud earrings are often used as part of a drop earring design. A drop, such as a bead or another stone, is hung from the stud and this creates a stud earring with a completely different look. Sometimes this is style is adaptable so that the drops can be removed to create two looks from a single pair of earrings.

Buying Hematite Earrings

Here are some tips to help you buy a great pair of hematite earrings:

  • Look at the back! - While this may sound like a strange tip, many hematite stud earrings are formed by attaching the hematite to an earring post. This is often done with glue with cheaper and very small earrings, while rub-over settings are more common with more expensive styles. Make sure that the stone is well attached to the earring fitting.
  • Check the metal - While earrings should be made from hypoallergenic materials, it is always wise to check. This is particularly the case with very cheap earrings or where the maker is unknown. Some base metals can cause skin irritation when worn for any length of time.
  • Complementary jewelry - Look for items of jewelry that will complement your tiny hematite stud earrings. A row of hematite beads, for instance, will look great and contribute to the stylish, yet understated look.

Tiny stud earrings are truly a case of 'less is more'. The simple yet effective styling looks stunning with many styles and is a great antidote to the 'bling' fashions of recent times.

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Tiny Hematite Stud Earrings: Types & Tips