9 Dazzling Tiffany Star Necklace Styles

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A Tiffany star necklace shows that someone special how much you care. A gift from Tiffany & Co. is something she will never forget and will make a lasting impression.

About Tiffany Necklaces

Tiffany & Co. jewelry is known for its distinctive styles and high quality jewelry. It is coveted by many and seen as a symbol of status. Tiffany & Co. is one of the leading jewelers in the entire world, and the little blue box that the jewelry comes in is instantly recognized. Tiffany has its main store in New York City and other stores in various cities across the United States and around the world.

Wearing a Tiffany necklace sets you apart from the crowd. The necklaces in the Tiffany & Co. collections range from those done in sterling silver to those done in platinum. Silver, yellow gold and white gold are also used for the jewelry. Some are simple in design while others contain diamonds and other gemstones. One thing is for sure, if you are lucky enough to own a Tiffany necklace, you will want to wear it and show it off.

Tiffany Star Necklace Styles

Tiffany has several styles of star necklaces in their collection. From styles set in platinum and accented by diamonds to those done in sterling silver, there is sure to be a star necklace that matches your taste. A star necklace makes the perfect gift for the someone you care about. It shows that someone special that you think quite highly of them and that they are important.

Tiffany Stars

Some necklaces to check out include the following from Tiffany Stars collection:

  • Tiffany Stars Charm Necklace is done in platinum and is a charm necklace that has round diamonds set in the charms. It is 16 inches long and is a stunning necklace that will turn heads no matter where you wear it.
  • Tiffany Stars Multidrop Pendant has a drop of stars hanging from a platinum chain. They stars are done with round brilliant diamonds.
  • Tiffany Stars Pendant is a single star with round diamonds set in platinum. The simple design is stunning and captures the essence of Tiffany jewelry.

Sterling Silver

Some star necklaces in the sterling silver collection include:

  • The Tiffany Star Link Drop Necklace is done in sterling silver and has a round brilliant diamond set in the center of the drop star. Stars are featured on the chain of this necklace as well.
  • The Star Link necklace also comes in another design that features a sapphire in the center of the star.

Elsa Peretti Collection

Tiffany also has the Elsa Peretti collection that include the Elsa Star Necklace. This necklace has the distinctive curves and contours that made Peretti's designs famous. It has a 16 inch chain and is a show stopper.Other star necklaces in the Elsa Peretti collection include:

  • Star of David necklace
  • Starfish pendant necklace
  • Star Pendant in rock crystal
  • Star Pendant in green adventurine

There have also been various Tiffany star necklaces done over the years that are no longer being made. These vintage pieces are often available at Estate sales, online or at auctions.

Since Tiffany jewelry is so sought after, replicas and fakes are plentiful. Always purchase your jewelry from a reputable source and if you think a deal is to good to be true, it most likely is.

Final Thoughts

Tiffany has many star necklace styles to choose from in their various collections. Wearing a Tiffany star necklace will make you feel as if you are the center of attention. Choose a style that best reflects your individuality and makes you feel like a star yourself!

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