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Tie Clips

Tie Clip

Both practical and attractive, tie clips can keep a man's tie in place and look great at the same time!

What a Tie Clip Is

Tie clips appeared on the menswear scene in the 20th century and caught on because of their practicality. Just as the name implies, a tie clip is a small clip that attaches horizontally to a necktie and secures it to the wearer's shirt so that it will stay straight, giving a pulled-together appearance. They are sometimes referred to as tie bars. They are typically made of metal and are often decorated with gems, engraved initials, a club or society emblem, or some other adornment.

Useful Tie Clips

In the office, at banquets, weddings and more, a tie helps a man look professional and neat. Though usually the focal point of a man's attire, the tie can become a nuisance when it shifts about and hangs into sauces at the dinner table. That's where a tie clip comes in handy. The clip keeps the tie attached to the shirt beneath it, so that it does not flop about, distracting the wearer and becoming soiled. While most men will wear a tie at some point, it is generally men who wear a necktie frequently that use tie clips. They are particularly popular with men whose jobs require them to move and bend frequently, such as dentists and doctors examining their patients or servers in upscale restaurants leaning over to deliver a plate full of food.

Tie Pins

Tie clips should not be confused with tie pins, which serve the same purpose but are constructed differently. A tie pin pierces the tie, fits through a buttonhole of the shirt below and has a backing to secure it, much like an earring. While tie pins also keep a tie in place, many men prefer clips since they are reluctant to repeatedly poke holes through their expensive or favorite ties. A clip holds the tie still and is less likely to damage the fabric of the tie, allowing men to enjoy their favorite ties longer.

Types of Tie Clips

There are different types of clips for different occasions. When a dressier, more upscale look is called for, high end clips made with high quality materials are in order. For an even more pulled- together look, find tie clips with a set of matching cuff links. For everyday, a more casual clip or even fun, novelty clips will do the trick.


A tie clip is a fantastic gift for a man who wears neckties often. Keep the personality of the man in mind when searching for the perfect clip. A flashier man might like a jewel encrusted clip, while a man who prefers classic styles will appreciate a simple clip in silver or gold -- and an unconventional sort could go for something with a superhero or some other fun character on it. Also keep the man's interests in mind. A guy who is crazy about football might be delighted to receive a clip with his favorite team's logo.

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Tie Clips