Dazzle With Three-Stone Ring Styles & Tips

Three Stone Rings
Classic three gem ring.

Three-stone rings are popular anniversary gifts, engagement rings, and tokens just to show you care. With rich symbolism and elegant beauty, a trio of stones is a glittering statement of love, romance, and commitment.

Meaning of Three-Stone Rings

The classic symbolism of the three stones represents a couple's past, present, and future, with each phase of their relationship clearly highlighted by a beautiful diamond or gemstone. For couples with a long history, this can be a powerful reminder of the love they've shared through the years, while couples just starting their lives together may consider it a promise of the love they will continue to have for one another. Depending on the exact design of the ring, it can also be fashioned with birthstones to represent each individual, with the central stone uniting the two of them, or the ring can be personalized with engraving or other custom touches.

Ring Designs

There are many different ring designs available, though three-stone rings traditionally have very recognizable settings and arrangements.

  • Stone Type: For continuity and elegance, most three-stone pieces use the same gemstone for each of the three stones. Diamonds are the most popular choice, though any gemstone can be used. Some couples opt for birthstones or colored gems for a more unique and personalized statement.
  • Stone Size: Most multi-stone rings feature a central large stone surrounded by much smaller accents, but three-stone designs use three larger stones to convey their symbolism. The central stone may be slightly larger or elevated, but all the stones should be similar in size for the proper impact.
  • Stone Shape: The most common shapes for the stones are round, princess (square), and emerald (rectangle). These shapes nestle well in close proximity without large gaps, and it is traditional for all three stones to have the same shape to enhance their continuity.
  • Ring Setting: The most popular setting for three-stone arrangements is a classic tiffany or prong style with the stones held prominently above the ring shank. Bezel settings are another option, but ideally all three stones should be mounted in the same type of setting to emphasize their connection.
  • Metal: Gold (both yellow and white) and platinum are the most popular metals used for three-stone designs. Because the gems take up a considerable portion of the ring's surface, multi-tone or combination metal rings are not recommended.
  • Accents: Most three-stone rings avoid elaborate accents such as filigree patterns or additional side stones. Because the stones are larger than for most gemstone rings, they cover more of the ring's surface and any accents would be easily obscured.
  • Additional Rings: Three-stone designs may be crafted to pair with additional rings, such as a wedding band or bridal set, particularly if they are meant as anniversary gifts or engagement rings. To fit smoothly with other rings, the band should be wide enough that the stones do not extend far beyond its edges or they may inadvertently scratch the other pieces.

While these are the traditional characteristics of three-stone designs, couples can always create a custom design with their exclusive preferences and specifications.

Where to Find Three-Stone Rings

All jewelers stock at least basic three stone designs, while upscale designers will feature unique stone shapes and more unusual designs. Many triple stone rings are classified as anniversary rings rather than engagement, wedding, or bridal pieces, and jewelers may also be able to create a simple design with loose diamonds or gemstones the customer provides. Online jewelry stores also offer a range of three-stone pieces, and couples can often find more unusual stone shapes or precious metal options than through a typical jewelry boutique.


Three Stone Ring
Three Stone Ring

Because the rings typically have a larger total carat weight than other gemstone rings, three-stone pieces are more expensive than rings featuring one central stone with or without smaller accents. The quality of the gems also affects price: higher caliber stones naturally command a higher price. If using real stones is too expensive, cubic zirconia and other imitations can be just as beautiful and the sentiment behind the ring is unchanged.The type of metal used in the ring also affects the final price. Yellow and white gold are the least expensive metals, while platinum is generally more costly. Rare metals such as titanium and tungsten are even more expensive, in part because of their relative rarity for this type of ring. Prices for three-stone rings range from just a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand, but most couples will have no problem finding an attractive ring that suits their budget if they know how to choose a quality piece of jewelry.

Choosing a Quality Ring

Interested customers should examine the cut, clarity, and color of the stones in the ring. Different types of precious and semi-precious gems have different quality standards, and knowing quality standards is important when selecting a ring where the gems are the undisputed focal point. Other indications of a quality piece include:

  • Secure Settings: The stones are not angled or loose.
  • Good Alignment: The stones should be perfectly centered with one another.
  • Proper Stone Sizing: The center stone should be slightly larger than the side stones without overpowering them, while the side stones should be equal to one another.

A quality ring also requires a quality jeweler. Before purchasing a ring, investigate guarantees, warranties, and return policies, as well as expertise and ability to repair or resize the piece if necessary. It is also wise to check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau, particularly for independent stores or online merchants.

Three-stone rings are classically simple and elegant pieces of jewelry. Their highly symbolic design is the perfect gift for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, or just because.

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Dazzle With Three-Stone Ring Styles & Tips