Ten Commandments Charm Bracelet: Tips Before You Buy

10 Commanements bracelet

A ten commandments charm bracelet is a stylish piece of jewelry that is ideal for people who are looking to mark and celebrate their religion.

The ten commandments are a list of moral and religious directives. These form the framework within which many people choose to live their lives. A piece of jewelry, such as a charm bracelet, is a good way to remember the commandments. Charm bracelets look extremely attractive and can also provide a daily reminder of these important rules.

Types of Ten Commandment Bracelets

Before buying a ten commandments charm bracelet there are some important things to consider. These include:

  • Style: The ten commandments can be represented in many ways and this means that there are a variety of style options. The commandments can be engraved onto charms or the commandments can be represented as symbols. Engraved charms can be relatively large and this can result in a bulky charm bracelet. Religious charm bracelets are often purchased for babies and children. In this case it will be impossible to tell what fashion style they will develop in adulthood, therefore classic designs are likely to be most appropriate as these will not date or go out of fashion.
  • Materials: The materials that a charm bracelet is formed from will influence not only the price but the look of the finished item. Many special charm bracelets are made from silver and gold. These look great with both formal and casual outfits and also wear well. This means that they are ideal for special items of jewelry that may become family heirlooms. It is best to match the charm to the bracelet, therefore match silver ten commandment charms with a silver charm bracelet.
  • Daily or Special Occasion Wear: Before buying a charm bracelet featuring the ten commandments it is important to consider whether the bracelet is for everyday or just special occasion wear. A charm bracelet that is to be worn everyday will need to be robust enough to withstand the knocks of everyday wear. If a charm bracelet is to be worn only for special occasions then it can be a little more fragile or made from finer materials.

Buying a Ten Commandments Charm Bracelet

Ten commandments jewelry is widely available from religious jewelry stores as well as from general retailers and other fashion and jewelry outlets. Stores that sell ten commandment charms, bracelets and other religious jewelry include:

  • Amazon: This large well known online retailer has a range of different ten commandment charms and jewelry. The charms include items engraved with the ten commandments, charms that feature the Hebrew text and stylized ten commandments charms.
  • Christian Books: This website has a lot of Christian merchandise for sale including jewelry. The charm bracelet featuring the ten commandments that they have for sale is packaged in a gift box making it an ideal present for many occasions.
  • Jewel Basket: There are a wide range of religious bracelets available from this website including bracelets featuring the ten commandments. Other items include saint charm bracelets.
  • Etsy: This shopping marketplace displays ten commandments charm jewelry from a wide range of stores. This is a good place to look to get an idea for the different designs that are available and the price of different styles.

A piece of jewelry is a good way to be reminded of important religious rules and sentiments. A piece of ten commandments jewelry is stylish as well as meaningful, and can be worn for special occasion or every day wear.

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Ten Commandments Charm Bracelet: Tips Before You Buy