Where to Buy Teen Fashion Jewelry

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Although there are many places to purchase jewelry, a teen fashion jewelry store caters to teens and young adults. These stores offer costume and fashion jewelry at affordable prices that allow teens to keep up with the latest trends and hottest styles in jewelry, even on a limited budget.


Well-known among mall-shoppers, Claire's, and their newer retail entity, Icing by Claire's, both offer gorgeous jewelry for the fashion-loving teen. They have a range of styles, from fun, glitzy, and glamorous necklaces, to simple and demure styles in stud earrings. Color is big at Claire's with beaded and other jewelry reflecting seasonal colors and new trends. various styles are also offered to reflect the growing various styles of teens - some love urban chic while others love classic pendants and romantic styles.

Jewelry items offered by Claire's include:

Claire's also offers hair accessories, makeup, scarves and other accessories, and fun gifts and items for bedrooms and dorm rooms.

Icing, while still affordable, offers a slightly more upscale flavor. Sleek and chic epitomize many of the selections, while still remaining fun and true to recent trends. The store also offers the exclusive "Glamorized" line by Mariah Carey, which includes both jewelry and handbags.

Department Stores

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Although a department store that houses much more than jewelry, Target is increasingly creating a trend-oriented image and keeping abreast of the latest styles in fashion and accessory. For teens, that means finding fashion and costume jewelry along with other great accessories, like handbags, at good prices. Many Target jewelry items are also inspired by designer-name jewelry that is sold at much heftier prices - so you can get the looks of the stars at a fraction of the cost.

Other department stores that offer selections for teens include Wal-Mart and JC Penney's. Close-out stores such as Big Lots may also offer inexpensive fashion jewelry selections.

Online Jewelry Stores

When it comes to fashion jewelry, searching online can be fun and easy. You can find many styles online that you can't ind anywhere else, or would have to travel substantial distances to purchase. The following online fashion jewelry stores cater to of offer great selections for teens.

Jewelry Villa

Jewelry Villa offers variety of affordable jewelry items and has a special teen section, with affordable necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, beaded jewelry, shell jewelry, charms, friendship bracelets, and more.


The Etsy Marketplace is an online collection of vendors selling handmade jewelry. Many of the fashion jewelry items are appealing to teens and young adults, and are available at affordable prices.

Fashion Jewelry for Everyone

Fashion Jewelry for Everyone has many colorful, trendy pieces, as well as crystal, sterling silver, and other selections. Their site makes it easy to shop by price for affordably-priced fashion jewelry. Teens will love the "under five dollars" and "only a dollar" sections.

Soul Lockets

A popular item for teen jewelry is the What Is in Your Soul Locket, which can be personalized with charms that tell specifically about the teen wearing it.

Finding Teen Fashion Jewelry

Although jewelry is a highly popular item to buy and sell online, it can be daunting to find the items you really want. If you are looking for individual items, you may want to consider stores that specialize in that particular type of jewelry, such as vintage, hip hop, or punk or goth styles.

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Where to Buy Teen Fashion Jewelry