Teacher Jewelry Tips for the Perfect Gift

teacher earrings
Some teachers prefer simple jewelry.

A special gift for any educator, teacher jewelry can be both beautiful and very meaningful. Whether you are a teacher yourself or want to give a memorable present to your child's favorite educator, you can never go wrong with jewelry.

Types of Teacher Jewelry

Many teachers wear a wide variety of jewelry items, including bracelets, necklaces, pins, and earrings. Teacher jewelry can be a great way to accessorize simple outfits, and it can help teachers show off their personal style in a professional, yet approachable, manner.

Education Themes

Most teachers are very proud of what they do, and it can be fun to display their love for kids and education with special teacher-themed jewelry. The following symbols are very popular in teacher jewelry:

  • Apples
  • Rulers
  • Pencils
  • Bells
  • Schoolhouses
  • Books

Classic Styles

For teachers, fashion has to be practical and professional. If they work with active younger students, many teachers find that they need to keep their jewelry simple to prevent it from getting in their way. For teachers of older students, jewelry needs to be interesting, but not distracting. In either case, jewelry themes need to be professional. For instance, it probably wouldn't be appropriate for a teacher to wear a belly button ring with a martini glass charm.

Tips for Giving Jewelry to a Teacher

If you're purchasing a gift to present to your child's teacher, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Make sure your gift is affordable. Many school systems have rules in place that prevent teachers from accepting gifts over a certain value, often about $20. Even if your school system doesn't have such a rule, you may embarrass your child's teacher with a gift that is too extravagant.
  • For the most impact, consider giving a teacher a piece of personalized jewelry. You might engrave your child's name and the date on the back of a pendant or cuff bracelet. Avoid putting the teacher's first name on the front of a piece of jewelry, since most educators don't go by their first names with their students.
  • Before choosing a gift, pay attention to the teacher's personal style. Does she wear elaborate costume jewelry or simple stud earrings? If you pick a piece of teacher jewelry that matches her style, she is more likely to wear it.
  • If your child's teacher is a man, you can still give him a piece of jewelry as a gift. Many male teachers wear ties, so a tie tack or tie clip could be the perfect accessory. If he doesn't wear ties, he may enjoy a personalized money clip.
  • Consider having your child create part of your gift. You might have one of your child's drawing engraved on a simple pendant, or you could help your child make a bead necklace to go with a personalized charm.
  • Remember to include a gift receipt with your present. Even the most carefully selected piece of teacher jewelry can miss the mark once in a while. It's best if the teacher can return the item if necessary.

The right teacher jewelry can display the perfect amount of personality and sentiment while still remaining professional and practical. Jewelry is both a wonderful gift for teachers and an excellent way for teachers to show off their personal style.

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Teacher Jewelry Tips for the Perfect Gift