What Are Tanzanite Rings?

Tanzanite Ring

With their rich blue and violet hues, tanzanite rings grab your attention and won't let go!

What Is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is the name given to the blue/violet form of the mineral zoisite. In its natural state most zoisite is brown, but when heat is applied it turns permanently to a becoming blue/violet shade. Tanzanite is known for its pleochroism, or its ability to appear different colors - sometimes violet, sometimes blue, with flashes of red depending on the light and how the gem is cut. It can resemble either a fine sapphire or lovely amethyst.

Discovery of Tanzanite

The name tanzanite comes from Tanzania, the country where the gem was first discovered in 1967. As the story goes, the gem was discovered by people of the Masai tribe, who witnessed zoisite turning to a brilliant blue color when caught in a brush fire caused by a lightning bolt. The Masai gathered the gems and began trading them, and their desirability for jewelry lovers was soon recognized. Tanzanite is still mined only in the location where it was first spotted and has never been found outside of Tanzania. Soon after the discovery, the famous New York jeweler Tiffany & Co. sought to market the new gem and decided to give it a catchy name - tanzanite. The name caught on and to this day is used when referring to blue zoisite.

Tanzanite Rings

The brilliant hues of tanzanite make them popular for use in rings. The colors complement both yellow and white metals, and the rings are made with silver, gold, white gold, and platinum. Tanzanite is frequently paired with diamonds, the richly colored blue stone and the brilliant diamonds making an attractive duo. The stone is also set with other colorful semi-precious stones, such as:

Other Tanzanite Jewelry

Women who like to wear matching sets of jewelry will have no difficulty finding jewels to match their tanzanite rings. Tanzanite is frequently set in:

Birthstone Rings

Although it is not one of the traditional birthstones, in 2002 the American Gem Trade Association named tanzanite the December birthstone, along with turquoise and zircon. This was the first time the birthstone list had been updated in decades, but the beautiful blue gem's popularity with jewelry lovers prompted the change. Tanzanite rings would make wonderful birthday, Valentine's Day, or Christmas gifts for people born in the month of December. For the mother or grandmother of a child born in December, a mother's ring featuring tanzanite, as well as the birthstones of the other children in the family, is a wonderful gift. Also, there is currently a move to make tanzanite "the birthstone," meaning it would be the gem to be given upon the birth of a child.

Tanzanite Ring Care

While Tanzanite is a hard gem, it has been known to break. To help prevent damage to your beautiful tanzanite rings, avoid wearing them while doing housework, sports, or other activities that could allow the tanzanite to strike a hard surface. Also, do not use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean tanzanite rings, as this can be harmful to the gems.

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What Are Tanzanite Rings?