Synthetic Gemstone Jewelry: Bling on a Budget

Synthetic Emerald Rings

Synthetic gemstone jewelry is a popular and affordable choice. It is often hard to tell the difference between natural and lab-created stones.

About Synthetic Gemstones

Synthetic or lab-created gemstones are one of the most popular types of gems. They have the same properties as natural gemstones but are made in a lab. Their composition, crystal structure and look are nearly identical to the natural gems but since they are made in a lab are near perfect. They are also a more affordable option due to the fact that they are created in a lab and can be mass produced at a low cost. Natural gemstones are more rare and are often extremely expensive. The most rare stones are not a reasonable option for most people. This is the reason that lab-created gemstones are a popular choice.

The most common synthetic gems are:

  • Emeralds
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
  • Opals

What to Look For

There are some things that set apart synthetic stones from real. It can be hard to tell the two apart but you can tell simply by holding the stone itself. The created gemstones are heavier in weight than the natural stones. They also have more sparkle to them. Natural stones are in the earth and have been through harsher conditions causing them to be less sparkly.

Synthetic Gemstone Jewelry Shopping Finds

There are great synthetic jewelry pieces to be found at many places. Most jewelry stores have pieces that are beautiful and look as great at natural stones. Shopping for synthetic gemstone jewelry is an affordable option for those who love the look of a particular stone but don't want to pay the heft price.

Zales has a variety of synthetic gemstone pieces to choose from such as:

At Helzburg Diamonds, you can find a lab-created emerald ring that is simply stunning. This ring is done in sterling silver and has a radiant-cut, lab-created emerald center and accents of lab-created white sapphires. Another lovely piece is this Lab-Created Ceylon Sapphire Ring that is done in sterling silver. It has one cushion cut lab-created Ceylon sapphire that measures 7x5 millimeters, ten square lab-created blue Ceylon sapphires and 36 round single cut diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Synthetic gemstones are the perfect alternative to a natural gemstone. They are beautiful to look at and are practically flawless. Lab-created stones are affordable and widely available unlike natural stones. There are many reasons to choose a synthetic gem and the low cost means that you can enjoy wearing your favorite stone without having to sacrifice appearance.

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Synthetic Gemstone Jewelry: Bling on a Budget