Stingray Earrings: What to Know Before You Buy

Sting ray earrings by HawaiianDesignsCo

Stingray earrings are an unusual and attractive jewelry choice.The unique shape of the stingray makes is an attractive choice for jewelry items such as earrings. The stingray is found throughout the world in tropical waters and they vary in size from tiny breeds that are smaller than a human hand, to the very large stingray breeds that are several feet in length. Stingrays are known for their large flat body shape and long tail.

Choosing Stingray Earrings

The shape of a stingray is good for jewelry design. The large flat body shows off the metal that the jewelry is formed from, and the long tail adds interest to the overall shape. This is idea for earrings as the shape is very flattering and yet looks great in both small designs and larger feature pieces.

Earrings made using the stingray shape are likely to be drops that are hung from ear wires or pins. These are an attractive form of earring and the earring drop hangs free from the ear wire or pin giving additional movement.


Earrings can be made from any material. Precious metals such as gold and silver are a classic choice, however plastics and glass can look equally attractive giving a completely different effect. Silver is a practical choice, as it is reasonably priced and the cool white metal color means that silver looks stunning with a variety of other colors. Silver will tarnish after constant contact with the air, however this dark patina can look extremely attractive and add depth and detail to jewelry. Gold, in its variety of shades and hues, is also a great choice and easy to look after. Gold is available in a variety of grades known as carat, high carat golds contain more gold than lower carat golds. Very low carat gold may tarnish in a similar way to silver.

The most important part of choosing earrings is to ensure that the metal used for the ear wire and any part of the earring that is in touch with the skin, is hyper-allergenic. Surgical steel is sometimes used for ear wires, however both silver and gold are suitable. Nickel is to be avoided and although most jewelers avoid metals containing nickel, it sometimes appears in cheap or low-cost earrings.

The stingray shape is smooth and flowing and as such the metal will shine and the light reflect from it. Both high polished and satin finishing will look extremely effective.


The choice of earring size is a very personal thing. Very long earrings made a dramatic statement and are extremely effective. Smaller earrings are more practical for every day wear. When choosing long or large earrings it is important to make sure that they are not too heavy. Heavy earrings can be uncomfortable to wear and may pull at the ear. Hollow stingray shapes might make a good choice as these will give the overall impression of size while not being too heavy to wear.


Stingray jewelry would look good with gemstones, for instance tiny gemstones might emphasize the stingray eyes. Gemstones are found in the whole spectrum of colors, meaning that there will be stones to meet all tastes. If the cost of gemstones is out of your reach then simulated stones are worth considering. Modern simulated stones are very high quality and sometimes are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Buying Stingray Jewelry

Stingray earrings and other jewelry items can be found in a variety of stores. Traditional high street jewelers stores may have a selection of different styles, however if they do not stock stingray jewelry then online stores might make a good alternative.

Online stores such as offer a range of earrings and jewelry, and is also worth considering. When buying from checks the sellers feedback carefully and make sure you are comfortable with the item description.

Other stores that might stock stingray jewelry are:

  • HawaiianDesignsCo - This Etsy shop sells beautiful handmade manta ray earrings, including the ones above.
  • - Find cute sterling silver stingray studs here.
  • Amazon - Studs and dangling stingrays are available in different metals and designs at Amazon.
  • Agil - This store specializes in seal life jewelry and has a silver stingray design available.

Stingray jewelry is an interesting complement to a variety of outfits and makes an unusual alternative. Stingray ear earrings would be great teamed with other sea themed jewelry such as glass seahorse necklaces.

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Stingray Earrings: What to Know Before You Buy