USC Trojan Mascot Jewelry: Sterling Silver Styles

Silver Trojan Decorative Charm Clasp

Sterling silver Trojan mascot jewelry may take a little digging to find, but you can see much of what the Internet has to offer right here.

USC Trojan Mascots

If we're going to discuss sterling silver Trojan mascot jewelry, then we need to talk a little about those famous USC (University of Southern California) Mascots.

The Trojan Warrior

The Trojan warrior is just one of the USC mascots. He's a symbol of strength and determination, decimating his foes.

The Trojan warrior frequently appears on his white steed at USC football games and events, but another version of him, Tommy the Trojan, covers USC basketball games.


Traveler, the gorgeous pure white horse has been a Trojan mascot since 1961. In fact, he's one of the most famous team mascots ever, appearing at every home and many away football games with his equally identifiable Trojan warrior riding astride him. The two circle the stadium every time the USC team scores.Alas, the original Traveler is no longer with us, but there have been six other horses filling the role since the tradition began. A combination of Arabians, Tennessee Walkers and Andalusians have been used over the years, but each has always been a pure white horse.

The mystique surrounding this Trojan mascot is not insignificant. Many Trojan fans believe that Traveler's presence is essential for the team to win. The USC coaches are not necessarily willing to proclaim a mascot is more important to winning football than good coaching and training, but they certainly welcome the horse's presence at every event.

Searching for Sterling Silver Trojan Mascot Jewelry

Since mascots are so important to USC fans, it's easy to see why Trojan mascot accessories are so popular with students and fans nationwide. Wearing sterling silver Trojan mascot jewelry is a great way to express school spirit and show support for the team. However, unless you actually attend USC or have access to the campus store, you're going to have difficulty getting your hands on what you're looking for.

The Prayer Box

The Prayer Box offers a silver pewter Trojan warrior mascot charm with a detailed face. This dime-sized piece sells for a mere $1.50, but you can even see the brush marks in the straws on top of the helmet.

Antique Jewelry Mall

The Antique Jewelry Mall (AJM) offers a very unique looking set of sterling silver Trojan warrior cuff links. Unlike the charms mentioned above, these Trojans are full body figures carrying both sword and shield. The detailing on this jewelry is good. Each link is just one inch high by three-eighths of an inch long, and attaches to a torpedo swivel back. The cuffs retail for $95.00 a pair, but insured shipping is free.

Although not a true Trojan horse, AJM also offers a very nice pair of sterling silver horse cuff links that would still serve well as replicas of Traveler, minus his Trojan tac. The set sells for $90.00.

USC Alumnae Coordinating Council

As you might expect, this site yielded the largest selection of USC sterling silver jewelry, although oddly enough there was only one mascot in the collection:

Other USC sterling silver jewelry:

  • USC Sterling Silver Key Pendant: A sterling key pendant with a heart shaped end holds the letters, 'USC' and a citrine and garnet gemstone. You can own it for $140.00.
  • USC Heart Charm Bracelet: This bracelet comes with a heart charm that proclaims, 'I Heart USC'. It retails for about $150.00

Caring for Your Sterling Jewelry

Once you find and purchase your Trojan mascots, you're going to need to provide a minimum of care to keep them in good shape.

Sterling silver is a bit softer than other metals, so it is easily scratched. You can wipe impurities away from your jewelry with a soft cotton cloth, no cleaner needed. When storing your jewelry, you need to make sure no other pieces can rub and scratch the metal. Either isolate your accessories in their own slots in your jewelry box, or wrap them in cotton and place in a zip-loc plastic bag.

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